If you are an old man leave the teens alone.. You are just disgraceful. How sad is it you can't find anyone your own age?

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It is my suggestion that you keep an open mind.

people can do what people want to do i don't really care, am i going to think less for pervy grandpa trying to get 18 year old tail? yeah i am, but he can do what he wants it is his life.

my what? you a brit? they lost the war you know. speak correctly.

There is no right and wrong on this. It all comes down to opinion, and I can win because I am the stronger force. The victor writes history after all. I am close to being 22, and if that means I am "just a kid" then fine. It is kind of funny though how when I say I am an adult I am told I am just a kid, but if I were to say I was a kid I would be told I am an adult. I am not just a kid though. I am legal age to drink, vote, and join the military. Don't judge me before ever getting to know me. <br />
<br />
Least you know what you opinion is worth, take care buddy.

You can't win because you're wrong dude... And it is not because you "feel" like being attacked, that it is indeed the case.<br />
You're just a kid yourself, so what the hell do you know what I'm talking about...<br />
I added my two cents, now have a good life mate.

I am much more dangerous than an angry mob. You say you are the same guy as when you were 15? You shouldn't be the same guy as when you were 15. I am not the same guy as when I was 3. I am no longer into kiddie toys, or coloring books, or saying girls are icky. We grow, we mature, we change. I am not the same guy I was 2 years ago even. Not even a little bit close as to what that guy was. <br />
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Second point. Accidents happen, I often stair at things when I am in deep thought. Whatever is in front of me at the time, but I am not looking at what is in front of me I am looking at my thoughts. Some guys are just asking for trouble when they look, and some girls are asking for it too. Either way that isn't any of my business. <br />
<br />
These people who don't agree with me stated their opinions in a way that made me defensive. If I feel like I am being attacked then I will attack back, and I will win. I will go to any length to win. People are allowed to have their opinions, and if it doesn't effect me then that is just fine. I am not out searching for fights. I understand this story was written in a provoking way, but I have also rapidly changed since writing it. No matter how it is worded my opinion on the matter hasn't changed, but if I was to rewrite it then it would definitely be less provoking. I use to be full of anger and hatred just looking for trouble wherever I could find it, but I am no longer that person. I haven't changed so much that I will go easy on someone who I feel is attacking me. I felt attacked so that is how I handled the comments given to me. I am not an angry mob though. I am not out looking to change anyone. I am not out looking to take my own justice into my hands, and when I come at someone they never see me coming in the first place.

There's some good points in here but a lot of crap also.<br />
I'm gonna be 50 in a month, but I like girls of all ages.<br />
When I was 16, 17 and liked a girl who was 15, no-one would say anything.<br />
When today I would say I liked a pretty 15 year old, I would be nailed to the post.<br />
Why?<br />
I'm still the same guy. I still like the same type of girls and women...<br />
Nobody says anything because I still like "Child In Time" as much as I did in 1970. I still like that song because my taste hasn't changed.<br />
It's tha same with girls.<br />
The only difference is that now, I don't feel like going into a relationship with such a girl, because the (possible) difference in maturity. Although I know quite a few adults who are far less mature than some teenage goils.<br />
Second difference is that nowadays, as a 40- 50 somthing guy, you must be bloody careful where your eyes roam or you've got an angry mob on your tail.<br />
Right now, Arorin sounds like an angry mob...

What you say is hypocritical. You say not to judge you, because I don't know anything about you, but you don't know anything about me, and I might know more then you think I do. Just like you have judged me I have also judge you, but don't feel too bad about it, because I have some good news for you. Even though you are a hypocrite it is impossible not to judge someone or something. You would have to not have any thought at all in your head in order to pull that one off. <br />
<br />
Now that we have that covered let me explain something else to you.<br />
<br />
"Greek Philosophy - Famous Philosopher - Socrates (469 - 399 B.C.) 'Know Thyself'<br />
<br />
Do you have any idea why? you can't know anyone else before you know yourself. Deep down we are all the same. So if you want to know someone else you simply have to learn who you are first. <br />
<br />
Another thing I am stronger then an average man, and been fighting for 17 years. your girl wouldn't do a damn thing to me and neither would you. <br />
<br />
I also know a lot about depression, I know that people are emotionally unstable while depressed, and get emotionally attached to anything that will listen to them. You could of gone around killing babies, and if you would of listened to that 16 year old girl, and acted even a little bit interested she would of became so attached. The only reason you had a chance at all is because she was depressed. <br />
<br />
Your existence is a sad one. I know a lot more then you think. I know a lot more about you then you know about yourself. I don't have to even know you to say that. Never talked to you in my life, and yet I knew how you would react to my words. Psychology is a real fun subject.

There aren't many women agreeing with the 'older men' in this thread. I wonder why.<br />
<br />
<br />
In a lot of cases, the men are a father figure to the young women, however, it's when that trust is abused that it becomes wrong.<br />
<br />
I didn't appreciate old men, and still don't now, hitting on me. If you're old enough to be my dad, **** off

I have two children f my own already and my daughter is 15 and she can take care of herself and 10 years old would be below the age of consent.<br />
<br />
We were both depressed and still are, I also know that loneliness myself.<br />
<br />
You are prejudicial. You don't know her or me and yet you assume you do ba<x>sed on our ages. She would tear a ***** off of you for that alone. It would seem your judgmental nature and your wonderful ability to assume to know one without having a clue would make you of course you are better than almost anyone.<br />
<br />
I suggest you try to learn more before you judge people or better yet not judge them at all.

so you been together with her since she was a 16 year old kid? That isn't even an adult yet. Let me know when you have your first born daughter if you have one and I will come around courting when she is 10 or so. See how into that you are? It is like i said you old people are just sad... You even said you was depressed, and that proves you are sad right there. I have been depressed too and I know loneliness can destroy the best of men, but I didn't let it destroy me so don't feel mad if I find myself better then you.

Well I am 48 and my partner is 19. We have been together for three years. It was not my intent to get into a relationship with her or anyone that age, I just reached out to help someone who was depressed like me. We helped each other and became best friends. Eventually it evolved into something more. Our relationship developed over months and she was always over the age of consent.<br />
<br />
If you find that creepy so be it. It works for us.

I have spoken to many people, and yes I did speak to you about the air force, but I haven't been speaking to you for a year about it. I spoke to you one day about it. Maybe you don't know a whole lot about psychology so you can't see in which way you are seeking approval, but that is okay because I don't expect any one man to be fluent in every subject, but the fact that you left any comment at all on my story stating your opinion is openly seeking approval. If you didn't care about being approved of in any way you wouldn't of said anything to begin with. Maybe it isn't "my" approval you want, but your actions still say you want approval. Also having sense and memory is a different thing all together. I have spoken to you one time when I speak to hundreds of people a month. Why would I remember our meaningless encounter with each other? Well I do remember, but only after you reminded me, so take pride you managed to leave that much of an impression with me. <br />
<br />
I know who I can mouth off to and who I can't mouth off to. You are a nobody so it doesn't even matter. Don't forget you mouthed off to me first. Remember all that sarcasm you came at me with? If you didn't want me to return it then you shouldn't of started it. Maybe you feel you have the right to do so because you are older, but remember it is the strong people like me who allow weak people like you to live. It is just like a human to want someone else to do their work for them. You want to see me fail all because you can't make me fail yourself, which is also sad in itself. <br />
<br />
Now lets see how a young punk like me doesn't lend a positive presentation. I am strong, honest, loyal, and I work extremely hard (yeah working hard, and being strong as a result go hand in hand). When someone picks a fight with me I stand up for myself with backbone. I am smart and I learn very fast. If someone needs help I am always ready to give a helping hand. I am not selfish, and would give the shirt off my back. I am very tough and disciplined, I can do the work of three men without taking a break until all the work is finished, or until the sun goes down. If you ask me I am a pretty good roll model. You might think I am arrogant, but as I said before I back up everything I say. I have already proven myself many times over, so why should I have to prove myself to you? It isn't my fault that I have had a lot of success in everything I have done, and that I have experienced more then most people do in a life time. Every last thing I have done I have excelled in whether you like it or not that is fact.

you can act like you can keep up with me all you want, but the simple fact is that you can't. Am I full of myself? Well with good reason I am. Why would wisdom be intimidating in the first place? Wisdom can't really hurt you like my big strong muscle can. I think you are scared of the wrong thing, now why don't you just leave before you go off and break a hip huh old man? If you don't seek my approval or anyone elses you wouldn't even be on my story in the first place. I am not quite sure why you have heard about me for nearly a year. I certainly haven't heard about you for nearly a year. Though maybe you should get the whole story before you talk about which that you don't know. I have been ready to go in the air force for a long time now, but my old grand parents fell down and hurt themselves (and other stuff of that nature) so I have stayed behind to help the old people out. Seems like one of you is always off breaking something.. <br />
<br />
All jokes aside, do not kid yourself. There is always someone better, and even though I act arrogant I can back it up. I have accomplished so many things most people think are impossible to do just by how hard they are. I have been through things most people would be ruined from. I have seen the worst things you can never un-see.. Even if you weren't old you are still literally nothing.

Yeah isn't it? <br />
<br />
Also I am quite clearly talking about more then just talking with teens.

Wow:D.......dat is so true;)

No matter how you look at it ersatz, if you can't find someone your own age you are nothing but a sad man. I don't care what you or anyone else says, but look around and see how many people are on my side compared to yours. You aren't supported by anyone other then more sad old men. One day you might have my wisdom, and yes I know I got it at a young age, but I am gifted so don't feel bad if you can't keep up. I can do things mentally and physically that most people can't. It really isn't fair to try to follow in my footsteps.

So true...

yeah yeah...!


I look out for everyone...

It feels like you're looking out for us :D<br />
<br />
I appreciate it too :)

thanks cinnamon stick

I like this post bro!

Well don't forget the mental aspect of it. There is a huge difference in mental maturity between someone who is 18, and someone who is 20-21. You know how many lost and confused kids there are right out of high school. So convenient there is a nice old man to help teach them the way right? (Sarcasm)<br />
<br />
If a guy goes after an 18 year old being 30 or older you are right it is probably thinking piece of ***. He isn't looking for acceptance, and if he is looking for acceptance from someone so young that is pretty much a failure of a man..

Ooo, let's not forget the legal aspect of it, then, Arorin! A TEEN... is a child. That makes the man a ********! (even if mentally or just in writing over the net. ) Just YUCK! Now over 20,21, or so.... not really any of anyone's business. But say, a 30 yr. old, after even an 18 yr. old.... my guess is his first thought is: tight piece of ***. :/

Yeah I could be wrong about focusing just on the sexual aspect of it, but jeez. I do accept some cases where the love is genuine, but for the most part I think it's out of desperation.

I see so you went the psychology route with that argument. Now that is one of the aspects of it, but there is a lot more too it then that as well.

@TJMorgan: <br />
<br />
"It's called Inter-Generational dating. In many cases, it does lead to marriage. "<br />
<br />
It could also be called Gerontophilia. And let's admit it. Much older men hope that is the case because they're physically attracted to much younger females than females of their age or maybe 5-10 yrs younger. Surely they don't want to sit and converse about what's going on in current generation culture unless they're getting some kind of return from it. And surely the gerontophiles wouldn't like to talk about music of the '60s for instance. They'd much rather get it on too. <br />
<br />
Simply put, if the female is a gerontophile and she's find an old guy to start a relationship with, that's cool as long as she's MORE than a 1/3 of his age. However, I highly doubt you will find many gerontophiles. And therein lies the problem, in my opinion: Some old men would look at just about any attractive young female and think that she's a potential gerontophile, and the females that aren't gerontophiles unfortunately pick up on these sexual interests that are (inadvertently) telegraphed by these old men. <br />
<br />
*shakes my head* It's actually kinda sad because in addition to being perverted, they're also alone.

What you said could of meant a few things I just wasn't clear, but now I am. I have had my fair share of those type of experiences as well so I know where you are coming from.

well there is no point saying something on your story if you dont understand what I am saying

I wasn't asking tasmin. You don't need to share something with me that you don't want to. I just didn't understand what you meant before.

Oh Tas.....sorry honey.

A much older person was drunk and wanted sex with me .. I was frightened and hid so they never found me

Not sure what you mean by that tasmin<br />
<br />
I already said I wasn't going to get into that side of the story. If I tell you here he wont do any real thinking of his own to find the answer for himself. There are actually a lot of reasons, and he only picked on thing out to support his side. Like how some people use religion to start wars. People will find any reason to justify what they want to do, but that doesn't make it right. If he can't see what is pathetic about an old man going after a young teen then he is just sad.

I see Arorin's point, but I do find it odd when 40+ men befriend teenagers just past the legal age.

I had an experience .. or rather I didnt because I hid all night .. with a much older person when i was 16 yrs . You never forger and it is not a good memory.

No you are pretty much just a creep. I could go in depth and explain it, but my words would be wasted on you. If you don't have the wisdom to see why you shouldn't hit on young teens, then you probably never will no matter what anyone says. I do assure you however there is a whole side of this you do not see. Do a little thinking and maybe you will come across the answer.