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First of all let's be very clear... I am only looking for legal consenting young adults. In my book that means you're over 18. I have searched my heart seeking to answer your question and can only answer as honestly as possible. That said what can I say.... I like young virgin women, everyone is allowed their own opinion so allow me. If you are not a virgin then its assumed that you have a past history that's a given therefore no comment is required. Yet I also believe that a "Normal Man" does not want to picture his woman with another man let alone know how many men have been there before him. I have always found it a total turn off to hear a woman comment on pass loves. I also find that there are a number of women who are bitter towards men and spend their time bashing men all the while failing to acknowledge their role in their hearts being derailed. I'm also not interested in soothing their sores or raising their abandoned children although there also are a number of young women that fit in that same bunch. I am looking for young women without all that baggage keeping in mind that being a young virgin woman by no means puts you above the rest as my latest 19 yr young virgin was fired from her job for stealing money which lead me to break it off with her. I do know that there exist young mature women that have a vision of what they want in life. Moral values, love, commitment, family and devotion to God and marrige. Some lame soul will comment and say that I'm dreaming but I'd like to remind you that there was a time in this country when females married at 13 and surprisingly many of those lasted 30,40,50 yrs or more vs what we have now where people divorce so easily. Yes, some of us are strong minded and our hearts are in the right place and our aim is higher. I could probably add more but I'm thinking I want to send this now. Sorry for my spelling and punctuation errors I'm writing from my phone and actually erased this by accident a couple of times.
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this is really...disturbing. you say "I like young virgin women" (plural) & talk about your "latest" virgin girl - don't treat them as things. for a lot of people (especially girls) their virginity is special (i have no idea why - it hurts like a ***** & is just horrible). <br />
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you like virgin women because you "don't want to picture" your woman with another man. i'm pretty sure no "normal woman" wants to picture her man with another woman, so it's kinda ****** to expected their virginity but not have yours to give in return.