Experience Comes With Age

As I grew up, I was always attracted older boys and then men. I just didn't fine the boys my age to be very exciting. I hung around older men all the time. It was easy, my dad had a business and I just was there. As I grew into a teenager, I would be sure older men noticed me. I would dress with tight jeans, low cut shirts, halter tops, what ever it took to get them to look. And then smile a little smile and let them approach me. Talk a good talk and away we went.

As I became older, I still want older men. Now, my reason for it is I know they are more experienced that the younger men. The problems is though, just because they have had a lot of women, doesn't make them very good at sex. I have had a few who were just as bad as a teenage. Jump on empty his load and get off. What the hell is that? Then, I found a few men who wanted to love a woman. Spend time giving her pleasure. Enjoying himself. All of this makes for a wonderful sexual experience.

I believe women do mature quicker then men. For that reason alone, younger women should date older men. And older men should date younger women to feel energized. I love my older men. There isn't anything like them.
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I love to cuddle, kiss and explore a woman's body all over getting to know those little spots that make her go mmm, that feels wonderful. I want my lady, and myself, to experience all the pleasure that only a lot of patient foreplay can bring before losing ourselves in long hot intercourse...please add me

Cool. Older guys have experience that increases their sexual repertoire. Old womed, too. It's exciting when a woman says, "Sweety, I'm going to give you something you've never had before." ... You get males too young and they couldn't find a **** with a flashlight and map.

Yes there is a lot to love about older men.