Barely Legal Baby

I'm 18 and would love to talk to an older man:) I'm 5'8 ...naturally black long hair , hazel eyes and a sexy body lol ;)
lzgroupie96 lzgroupie96 18-21, F 120 Responses Jan 7, 2013

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Well sexy, want to be friends with this older married male

Please add me as a friend

hello there i am married male 54 my wife dont care for sex much at all anymore so do you think i could be added if not i understand who wants a old man like me

You sound just perfect

Please add me lets chat

You do say? Well I fit the bill for older.. 42..

I'm from PA too, and I adore sexy younger women! ;) I can't add you, but I'd love to chat and fulfill some of your desires if you'd like to chat...message me cutie! :)

mmm you sound delicious

In my country, you're legal at 15 ;D not that it matters to me as I'm 21

I would love to talk to you, add me so we can chat!

Would you add me?

how about me?!? haha

When I was 57, I had a 27 yo girlfriend, we had a great time together, and It was great for a old guys ego.

Im older guy that is looking for a good chat maybe more, please add me so we can talk some time

You sound great. Hope you add me.

Would love to know more..

Sounds sexy

im older lets chat

I see you read my story, so I guess I'm not the type you wish to talk to?

I would love to chat with you young lady, message me if you wish.

can u add me hun ty


Sound lovely!

You've certainly come to the right website for finding older men to talk to ;)

Please be careful . The internet is full of weirdos who are looking for young girls..

Add me please, your my new fantasy

When I was young older ladies taught me a lot on how to please and pleasure them ..... Now I agree that I should date and teach younger to please and pleasure men

I would love to chat just let me know I have kik

Older men have had more experiences, and they have had chances to see the world and to hone their own interaction with it. They are more attuned to a girl's needs, thoughts, and emotions, and they know how to bring the best out. They know how to ask for and get what they want, and to do the same for her. There are a lot of reasons to enjoy older men, and I know you're going to discover a lot more. I think we should be talking about it right now... ;-)

I read your profile and some of your stories and hoped we could correspond. I have many questions about how younger ladies view older guys. I have returned to school and some of the 18 year old's flirt so much I am not sure where they are at, just fun or serious. I need to know so I do not make a wrong move. Thanks for your stories