Barely Legal Baby

I'm 18 and would love to talk to an older man:) I'm 5'8 ...naturally black long hair , hazel eyes and a sexy body lol ;)
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Add me babygirl!

I am late 40's and love barely legal. Have dirty mind

Add me and we can talk

Damn, I love curvy BBW ladies.

Add me please ;)

Add me if you like

Hi there can you add me please

Sweet love to play dear doc here

Hi- you sound interesting. I'm an older guy. I hope you add me. :)

you have my attention!
Just how sexy are you?
Are you prepared to try new things and be open to new experiences?

hello there how are u how can i help you lil lady come on dont be shy

hello there how are u how can i help you lil lady come on dont be shy

How are you? Have you had a good weekend?

Add me. You are gorgeous. Long black hair is my weakness.

add me

Well sexy, want to be friends with this older married male

You sound just perfect

In my country, you're legal at 15 ;D not that it matters to me as I'm 21

Would you add me?

When I was 57, I had a 27 yo girlfriend, we had a great time together, and It was great for a old guys ego.

Im older guy that is looking for a good chat maybe more, please add me so we can talk some time

You sound great. Hope you add me.

Would love to know more..

Sound lovely!

You've certainly come to the right website for finding older men to talk to ;)

Please be careful . The internet is full of weirdos who are looking for young girls..

Add me please, your my new fantasy

When I was young older ladies taught me a lot on how to please and pleasure them ..... Now I agree that I should date and teach younger to please and pleasure men

I would love to chat just let me know I have kik

Older men have had more experiences, and they have had chances to see the world and to hone their own interaction with it. They are more attuned to a girl's needs, thoughts, and emotions, and they know how to bring the best out. They know how to ask for and get what they want, and to do the same for her. There are a lot of reasons to enjoy older men, and I know you're going to discover a lot more. I think we should be talking about it right now... ;-)

I read your profile and some of your stories and hoped we could correspond. I have many questions about how younger ladies view older guys. I have returned to school and some of the 18 year old's flirt so much I am not sure where they are at, just fun or serious. I need to know so I do not make a wrong move. Thanks for your stories


addd me ;) id love to chat sometime x

Love to talk with you .i seem to attract younger women. I love the enthusiastic attitude younger women have toward life .younger women are so full of life ! They make me happy!

I couldn't agree more...older men should always date younger ladies. We are more passionate, loving, caring and respectful. You would be my princess.

I would love to add you as a friend and talk. But, your profile won't let me. Your adult filter content might be on. If you add me,I'll add back

would lvoe to chat sometime baby girl

Gets in line. ME too! me too!

I'm 36 male and I would love to talk to you

I would love to talk to you

Add me and We can talk more privately.

I would love to talk to you...

Older male/younger female is the natural order of the animal kingdom. A pride of lionesses in their prime are led by a big strong older male.

Having any luck?

Best add me then :) Thanks.

Hey cutie, add me to your circle, I would love to chat with you.

How are you?

add me too love to chat baby girl

Add me let's chat

Hi i am 55 male in Australia lets chat

Add me please!

Id love to talk to you :)

Only 67 guys offering to chat with you... So I'm the 68th.... & the next... ;)

I am probably older than what you might be looking for, but would love to..anytime...

I would love to chat with a woman with your interest. Any woman with similar interest Msg me.

i cant add you but would love to chat ;) ??

Time to chat, lzgroupie96....I'm ready...

Statistically I think you're in luck, would love to chat if you fancy (is 33 too young?)

I'd love to visit with you.

Would love to take care of you everyway x

Would LOVE to chat w/you. Add me plz ;)

I commented on another one of your stories just a minute ago about being your friend and would love to.

I'm here, older and I can talk x :-)

My name is nathan ppl call me nate if u what to talk u can text me at 1 620 605 9022 ok

only 21, interested to hear why someone of 18 and beautiful would need to be on here for?


I would love to hear what a young woman has on her mind..

I'm 64 and love to talk to u abt ur sexual fantasies. Reddaves

what do u want to talk about , let me know

Im an Older Man, U can Respond,To Me, Ill Talk ,Do Whatever,You WANT!

I feel that i can be your good friend. i want to have a young woman as friend, that can share feeling and that i can teach the good things of life so that can live much happier

Great idea, most responses you received here were worse than that of sub adolescents!! I am much older but bring a life flavor as a friend you may enjoy. I am tall, 6'4, salt and pepper hair, of Italian descent, and enjoy the company of bright, young women. If you have site restrictions,y ou will need to leave me a mail message, would love to chat at least. Other things are in store from a very varied life experience!!!

33 good looking as well

hey I'm 19 light skinned male how are you

i beleave a woman should always be willing to satisfy her mate.

okay just so u understand i like sub women am open to others though.i seek a sexy uninhibited girl/woman who has a naughty,kinky,dirty,erotic,willing to please her man fully an completly.lets chat if this is u.i'm gonna read ur stories now.

Add me please!

Hi im an older man

read my stories...

Please add me

You sound delicious!!

I would like to talk to you too your vairly tall and lovely hair. Im 53

hello how are you you are fairly tall which is niceand have the kid of hair I like.

I think you are wrong website. Try

51yr Caucasian Male...would love to chat with you.
You can find my contact info on my profile.


WOw sounds like an absolute stunning young lady!