Youth Is ..

The man 60...but feeling 80 was not really happy with his wife who was fifty. His male member was not working for few years, and was getting limp day by day. His friend Harry asked him why his face got a permanent frown. He answered, I want to feel alive again and Martha doesn't help me.
Harry took Smith to a prostitute's house. Smith was a bit annoyed, but Harry said don't get upset. I am not insulting you. Smith still had the frown, so harry gestured to Maria standing near them. She touched Smith on the shoulder, he winced as if a filth has touched his pure soul.
Smith was about to leave, when two young girls walked in, they looked tired and exhausted , asi f they worked the whole night. The first one didn't wait just took off all her clothes, and the second girl did the same, then they asked the male attendant to massage them. He was about to start then he asked Smith and Harry to help. Smith was feeling a bit tight in his pants and he liked it, so he readily took the oil and started to massage the nude bodies. They were so soft and smooth, Harry then took off his pants and was now wearing only his shirt, front button open.
Smith could see his hardness, peak a boo.The girls asked Harry to get closer, they then licked the top and Smith felt aroused. The girl legs were wide open, Smith took off his clothes, totally nude he could see his own **** gaining strength. The girl started to pleasure themselves, and asked Smith if he would like to slide in their ******* by turn. So both Smith and Harry, penetrated the two girls and the foursome sessions lasted for few hours.
Then, Harry saw that SMith was smiling again. As they returned, Smith thanked Harry and said, I am so happy that not only I know my member works, it does stay up longer too what made me so excited, was it sex?
Harry replied, It was their youth that made you feel young at heart.
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There is a lot of truth in that. :)