Is He Into Me

Im really into this guy he is 22 and I am 18 which isn't a big age difference. However he has sister the same age as me , so think that plays a part to it .
He works in the store opposite me , we started off as acquaintances and then our relationship developed , he texts me every day , even if I'm at work or not. We have our own little in jokes and we can spend hours talking about random things . He is also super honest with me , he told me he was a virgin which was very brave of him to tell me as he knows I'm not . Recently I've been having a guy stay over me , when he found out he got very jealous, and kept asking me about it. What do i do ,i would like things to go further but I'm scared of rejection , I've asked him to the cinema already but he said he was busy , he never said no but he didn't say maybe another time. so confused
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

he's into you.

yes he is and you won't get rejected.

i told him i liked him , and he pretty much rejected me and has not spoken to me since :/

he's obvs an idiot and would be terrible in bed anyway. he led you on. not cool

i just feel like such a fool for even mentioning it

You're not a fool. what you did was courageous! Be proud and stand firm.

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