A month ago I started living with my mother's 60y/o friend. Mum and I have been helping her for the last 3yrs, since her husband died. He when he died, she was lost. Never paid a bill in her life, so u can get the picture. No children...so we were her only help. She lived trough 3 strokes-stress of suddenly having to do everything u never did on ur own. We helped her out any way we could, financially too...so she started asking my mother (who is married) to permanently move in with her and take care of her, cause she has a hard time moving on her own. My mum,ofc said no, but we continued helping her, even though we both struggle to make ends meet. So she suggested I move in with her, help her out and in return I inherit her apartment- so I dnt have to rent for the rest of my life. We agreed that we share food and bills, but I can't afford to buy her stuff-she has her pension. She said she also needed me to renew her apt (yrs of neglect) and install some pretty expensive equipment for invalids. So I did. Now half of my paycheck goes as a monthly rate to pay for that, till November 2015. And I'm still not done, cause she was a very bad housekeeper-I have to buy literally everything. She didn't have a broom-essentials, how does one live without some basic stuff, idk. So I was left with a very small amount of money till my next paycheck. Next thing I know, her account is blocked by enforcement-she didn't pay the tax for this apt we live in. So I have to support both of us somehow till my next paycheck and her next pension (I went to the bank with her and arranged for them to take 1/3 of her pension money monthly to pay tax in rates). We only have enough for bread and milk every third day and I tell her that and that I have to quit smoking (one passionate smoker here) and she will have to cut back on her smoking too, cause I simply can't afford one box a day for her,let along two as she is used to smoking. She tells me she can't do that. I tell her I can only buy one box and will have to borrow money somehow for that and food and I can't borrow more than I can pay back. Now I only have 100 borrowed kn (Croatian currency) and she asks me to borrow her 20kn for cigarettes, as she is going out with my mum to Tax Administration Office to get her papers in order. I have 2 bills of 50kn on me, give her one and tell her it's our only money (those two bills) and not to buy anything else. She returns home, indifferent and cool says:"Kill me." and starts taking cigarettes, chocolate and some corn out of her purse, no change left. I tell her she can't do that, we won't be able to survive and I can't live like that with her and will give up on our arrangement if she continues like this. Now she's insulted and acts like a child, cause she thought I would pay for her every need and her pension money will stay intact-so she can spend it on booze. Idk what to do. Does anyone have experience with this? I have too much to pay monthly for the next year to be able to rent something somewhere else now and whatever deal I make with her, she breaks. I need some advice from someone who has experience with this, please.
Godess4Fun Godess4Fun
36-40, F
Aug 21, 2014