And Here They Are!

So some have already commented that they're not into 'muscley women'. Well, I guess its a personal preference, but I think Olympic women are hot because they are healthy, strong, have skills, kick *** and have unbelievably flat stomachs :). And I'm not exactly intimidated by shapely muscles on a woman.

I watched ALL of NBC's coverage of the Olympics, which btw was excellent (NBC's coverage that is, Olympics ofcourse are tops anytime). Here's my counter to those who dislike strong women. Here are women that are strong and pretty.

Misty May Treanor & Kerri Walsh, USA, Beach Volleyball

They are extra-hot because they've kicked total *** for like 4 years now, and are total girly girls. And they obviously love each other as best buddies. We should all have such friendships.


Yelena Isinbaeva, Russia, Pole Vault

She's ruled Pole Vault for many years now, and has bettered her own world record, like, 20 times already. She won gold at Beijing. She's ripped and totally hot!


Yulia Chermoshanskaya, Russian Federation, Sprinter

She was the anchor in the 4 x 100 relay for the Russian Fed. team that won gold. Given that the US and Jamaican teams dropped their batons, Russia sort of landed on this opportunity.


Katalin Kovacs, Hungary, Flatwater Kayaking

Katalin, in the middle, won a gold and a silver at Beijing. She has a total of two golds and four silvers in 3 Olympics so far.


Dara Torres, USA, Swimmer

Need I say more? She's 41 and beating swimmers less than half her age. She's competed in 5 Olympics which in itself is a huge achievement. Not to mention she's very easy on the eyes as well.


Guo Jingjing, China, springboard diver

She has owned the diving pool for many years. Just can't be beat! She's supposed to just have had her last Olympics where she won Gold again.

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4 Responses Aug 28, 2008

I think women with strong bodies are gorgeous-and I'm not talking body builders--just strong healthy bodies- physically fit bodies-nothing fake about them-true healthy women!!


Agree, athletic women rock! Nothing like a hard body. Never did understand the chubby-chasers. My friend is a dancer and ran track in school, she has the most gorgeous body. She is ripped, I love that look.

You kidding! I love the idea of a fit woman. And one who can run, jump, swim or do whatever better than anyone else is just hot! Nothing like a confident woman at the top of her game, who also looks that good!