Thank You For Starting This Group

 Beautiful title, and I believe it whole heartedly.

I've vaguely explored metaphysical philosophies, finding I disagreed with nihilism, and I wasn't quite satisfied with theistic existententialism. I recently discovered absurdism and I'm pleased that it very much revolves around the same idea, that we truly know nothing and can never comprehend everything. Best of all, theres no need to ponder it endlessly. I accept it ironically and live my life.

Confuse Confuse
2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I agree more along the lines of what Confuse wrote. Though I do tend to agree with that it matters what we do in this life vs. what we believe or who we think will "save" us... I think we are always searching for meaning to it all, and really what is the point? Maybe we are another planets version of hell. Is what we are doing as a whole good? Are we screwing the planet for those after us?? <br />
I have studied different philosophies also, and it just opens my mind to infinite possibilities, and really there is limitless ways we know nothing....we are just a tiny fraction of what we could be, I think. Mostly, since technology has surpassed humanity, we've forgotten that the most important things in life, aren't things--- we find some redemption in reaching out to our fellow suffering brothers and sisters. If we all knew KINDNESS, what a world we could be. If there is anything that gives me some peace and hope for a better world, it's music!!!

You can say you know nothing however,when we all are judged we will also be judged for what we did know yet did nothing to change,,,we are all held accountable with what we do know,,,