Failing To Trust My Husband

I am a newly wed, married for two months but I just don't trust my husband. Two weeks before getting married, I accidently found out that he was having an affair. He claims that it was just emotional but that still hurts me. He was emailing this woman and them always arranging dates and her saying how she loves it when he holds her like this and that. Thing is, he took up a sport about 5months ago and funny enough, their meeting times were when he said he is going to play sport. I was shattered, wanted to cancel the wedding but I was just overwhelmed by all that was happening and I did not have the guts to tell my family.
I do not trust this man. He all of a sudden started being all lovey dovey and i always question it. I just found out that he looks at these "sexy" pages on facebook. And he has two phones, he told me the other one was not active but he lied.
I do want the marriage to work as I love him but how do I trust him? I just can't seem to get over this.
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I hope you didn't get married?? Your post is a year old well almost two years.

I wouldn't trust him either