Girls And Diapers Mix The Best

I don't know why, but in general, I only get turned on by the thought of women wearing diapers. If I think of a man wearing diapers, it tends to creep me out a little for some reason.

Now, I am turned on by women, so the thought of them wearing something else that also turns me on just adds to the excitement I get. I get turned on by the thought of an ******* diaper view - or even a woman openly wearing GoodNites or Pull-Ups - wondering if they feel soft and comfy on her.  I am turned on by women's dainty looks to begin with, but I am even more turned on when imagining that they are wearing something that's also dainty, fluffy, and ticklish - and would make them turned on.

I also think girls and diapers go along better than men and diapers - simply because I think diapers are more feminine in general, given some of the delicate, paper-like materials in diapers and the ruffled leg holes - not to mention they are similar to pads, which some women already wear.  Diapers are also soft, smooth, and dainty - kind of like a woman's body.

With men - or even older women - on the other hand, I guess part of it is that I think of diapers as kind of "unusual" or awkward underwear, and the thought of some people wearing them without a medical need - or without having a sexual fetish for them - just disturbs me. I seem to be disturbed whenever thinking about wearing something that feels or fits awkwardly and is not meant for my age or gender, which kind of goes along with this. But I may write another story or blog that explains that better later.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

While I can understand your inclinations (since it's obvious there's some sissy in your background), you've got to realize that the other gender had a much larger contingent in diapers than the fems out there. When worn properly on guys, diapers have just as satisfying of an appearance as the girls.

While I would also like to imagine every woman needing and having to use diapers for the whole of their lives, I would still probably imagine that the cutest diapered chicks would be the greatest turn on for most. Some of the fatties/homelies/oldies out there might not engender quite so much attention in diapers (no harm intended fatties/homelies/oldies), but they do deserve love just the same as any one else.

I'd say the same goes for guys that don't have a clue as to how to make themselves look appealing in diapers, young or old. Those that don't "get it" will be forever doomed to spend the greater portion of their lives alone, since it's hard to be appealing when you're not trying.

As for age, I'm sure at your age, everyone over 30 looks old and worn, but at my age, all of you are younger than me, and I don't discriminate over age - you all look hot!

Some very good points, thank you for sharing :)