Only Native Americans.

think about it this way. after columbus came and began the flood of evil into america, europeans began to come and murder the natives. its true that in some cases the europeans and natives were at peace, but this did not last forever. over the next several hundred years the vast majority of natives were murdered and their land was stolen from them. the few that were left were forced into reservations. anyone who is not a native american has no right to be here without their permission. but since we are already here and nearly all of us are not willing or not able to leave, the least we can do is elect a native american president, next time, and every time.
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Europeans took title to this land via the accepted real estate transfer protocols the natives recognized at the time; conquest. Thats how the Mohicans took the land from the Pequots, how the Cheyennes took land from the Apaches, how the Navajos took land from the Hopis, etc. Tribes all over North, Central and South America took land from each other via conquest just as peoples in Europe and Asia did for centuries. Such actions are clearly illegal today but no one explained that to President Putin regarding the Ukraine. At the time of the European migration to the Americas, acquisition by conquest was perfectly legal all over the world.

Native Americans have a problem with their own governments and it's mostly due to clannishness. Tribal elections can be a mess.

You have a great point, but due to the Eurpeans guilt, nothing will ever be done, cause to do something is to admit guilt. Hope that came out right. Aboriginals have the same problem here in Australia. Its disgusting what was done to these people, but nothing ever gets done. The government doesn't see them as a priority. Its a world based on the most powerful and cunning will prevale, the rest don't matter. Sad I agree.