I think the person who made this group is a little bit delusional because as we all know nothing can beat a tall glass of apple juice. YUM!

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haha id have to agree with you grapefuit is definitely awesome

GRAPEFRUIT~!!!!<br />

hehe oh no. Well I suppose I can get past this disagreement since you live in apple country after all ;) I think I'm fighting a losing battle anyway lol

OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I finaly found something to disagree on with one of my FAVORITE people on the planet!!!<br />
I'm from good ole Florida originaly where we picked the oranges in our back yard fresh! I LOVE Fresh pure OJ chilled for a couple hrs.<br />
Granted I now live in apple country. Still. I'm heart broken over my first disagreement with the gracious PT. <br />
You still ROCK! :-)

:O noooo not the apple juice. It has done nothing to harm you lmao