I Miss You Guys... :(

I know it's my fault for not having an internet connection... but I really miss you guys. I needed to sort out my life, to do more real life things. And I am doing it, and it's doing me the world of good.

But I still really miss all of you. You've been there through my tears and my rants, when I was at the bottom of the hole desperately looking for something to hold on to... and you were there then. And I love you to bits. I'll never forget you...

*big onion cuddle*
DancingFox DancingFox
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Awww thanks hun *hugs* I feel I can be myself on here. But I also have found a support group IRL with whom I can finally be myself just as I am. However, my onions have a special place in my kitchen... erm, I mean in my heart! xxx

What's cooking? :-)

HEY!!!! This Story NEEDS MORE COMMENTS!<br />
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Guys, when she comes back, we need to be sure there's a lot for her to read.<br />
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We miss you crazy woman!