Needed: Pixiedust, Pot, Voddy And Some Nakedness

I don't know why there's a huge cloud over EP today, so, I am, right now, going to pee on the cloud to make it go away.

Or... I'l just post a bunch of random crap.

Or... I'll post what I learned today.

First, I learned that anonymous gifts are really nice... although somewhat annoying.
Second, I learned that even though I'm an arrogant bastard, I actually can help my friends from behind this scary mask. BOO!
Third... I might be psychic! No... but, things for a friend of ours could have gone ugly... but they didn't... and somehow, I just knew that.
Fourth... EP has cycles. We had this same frigging madness last April and May. I will NOT tolerate bad moods and drama in June and July. I just won't!
Fifth... I wouldn't trade my circle for the world. I really do have great people in my cirlce.... even the moody ones.
Sixth... I think I need to add JB to my circle so that I can stalk him.

I'm done.

Everyone smiling yet?

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9 Responses May 15, 2012

So far, so good. Drama has been kept to the minimum....

I was just about to come running through with my nakedness....

hey, put those things away!

I have had so little naked circle dancing lately that I might be getting boring.

*smiles and dances naked with her circle*


Psychic eh? What am I thinking right now? ;)

I think I know!


sunnismiles from the deep south :))

damn this is funny..for real..<br />
Oh and ummm...*whispers* I may hypothetically know someone with weed...:)

You know a guy?

I know several guys. U know any?

YEAP! Smiling tons!

So, just to clarify. Will you be partaking in the nakedness sweetie? I think that's something we'd all like to see. ;D *sips beer*

Ooooooohhh.... yes... we need nakedness

I'm not sad. In fact i'm so happy I could do a sex wee!

sex wee? Please elaborate

Really? You need her to elaborate? ...*laughs*

I'm a slow old man... yes

Nevermind... Urban dictionary solved the mystery... Carry on then!


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I can supply some of the vodka & nakedness as long as others are willing to contribute as well. ;)

It's a writer's technique I learned from someone that I respect a great deal. The content of the story really doesn't have a lot to do with the title...

Hey, I can also bring some Arrogant Bastard Ale if needed! The content doesn't need to have a lot to do with the title...I know, I was an editor.