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Hate To Wear Shoes

When I'm home, I am ALWAYS barefoot.  I can't stand to wear shoes.  Even when I was a kid, most of the time, I was barefoot.  

When I go out, I'll wear the barest of shoes that I can, that would be sandals.  Unless I'm going to a wedding or something important, then yes, I'll wear dress shoes.   I hate it though.  My feet feel so closed it.    

I wonder what my footwear says about me, lol???
TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 7 Responses Jan 26, 2012

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I love to go barefoot too. I wear sandals when I need to or for saafety reasons. People who are barefoot or sandals people tend to be laid-back and into comfort. Going barefoot or even sandals is good for foot health.

Yes, I have no corns or caluses on my feet. I use to tho when I wore shoes more often, like back in high school....:-)

also no fungus, like athletes feet...:-)

Yes, I think I am definitely more laid back. I can wear only a dress n bra while in my home, very casual n comfy....:-)

HAHAHA, yes, I do remember Imelda and all of her shoes. That to me is an addiction, it just happens to be to shoes, lol. I knew a little old rich South Texas lady who use to keep (seems like hundreds to me) her shoes in her car trunk. She had tons of shoes!!! She would change her shoes often through the day while visiting, lol

I had to laugh at the name of this group. The average American woman owns 30 pairs of shoes. They say Imelda Marcos (widow of Philippine president Ferdinand) had 2700 pair. I actually believe woman use the "shoe test" to gauge the marriage potential of boyfriends. They have the guy sit in his parked car at the mall under a blazing sun while they shop inside for shoes. The longer the guy is willing to endure the torture the more appealing he becomes as a possible future

I can't stand to even have shoes when I drive. I am a huge lead foot with shoes on, can't feel the gas pedal, lol!!!

Me too I am always bare foot indoor or else wear flip flops .. and I have very good feet ;)

haha, I agree. My hubby wears shoes a lot in the house. He HATES for people to see his feet. I tell him, he has nice feet. Hell, I've seen some women with feet 10 times worse than his and they walk around in sandals, lol.

Eee gads..I never wear shoes inside. Unfortunately I have to put em' on outside. As soon as I close the door, my shoes are off in 4 seconds .Who can wear shoes in the house?