I'm An Independent Thinker

Because I think outside the box, I look at things differently than most people. While most people take what the authorities tell them as fact. I try to figure out what's in it for them and how is it going to screw me. 

You've probably heard the expression; if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn't true. Which in a lot of cases is correct. But through brain washing, they have gotten us to drop the "probably" and gotten us to believe that, if it sounds to good to be true, then in fact it isn't true. Once they have us believing the latter, we no longer question or explore other options. Whatever happened to the saying: There is an exception to every rule. You know like we were taught in English class, I before E except after C. How about all the words like; their. Isn't that an exception to the rule?

Laws are written and passed under the guise that they are for our protection and or safety. Fact is, in most cases, laws are written to fatten the purse strings of the local, state or federal govenment. I call it taxation without representation. I recently received a traffic ticket in the mail, for running a red light. My daughter had borrowed my car to go downtown. Along with the ticket came a picture of; my car, plate number,  the red light, a big SUV in front of my car and a string of traffic in front of the SUV. Along with this was a letter telling me I could either pay the $50 fine within 30day, appear in court (which would mean wasting a day) only to have court costs added. (more money for them). And if the ticket wasn't paid within the time limit the fine would go to $100. Like most people, I paid the 50 bucks just so I wouldn't have to put up with all the other BS. But, unlike most people, I did do a little research and found out that according to "the cities research" there had been a couple accidents at this intersection so they put up this camera to cut down on accidents. lol the old for our safety scam.  The reality of it was, there is a company that makes all it's profit from installing these camera's free of charge to any city and then collects 50% of any fines collected. Naturally, the town collects the other 50%.                                

Pretty good arrangement if you ask me. All profit for the crimminal justice system. No initial cost, no manpower cost, all profit. If I tried a SCAM like that, I'd be in jail. But hey, they are the law. Which reminds me of a joke: Do you know how to pick out an undercover cop in a crowd? They smell like donuts!

How come cops can legally sell drugs on the street to otherwise innocent people then arrest them for possession. They know going in that it's a pretty safe assumption on their part that most of their arrests are going to be of nonviolet people. Thus not much risk to them especially when they surround that person with 10 or 15 drawn and loaded weapons. Isn't it just another money making scheme for the athorities. Makes great press coverage for how hard they are fighting the war on crime. Try and do a citizens arrest of the undercover cop and see how far you get. It's no more legal (badge or no badge) for them to be in possession of a controlled substance than us. Ever wondered why "prison's" are the biggest and fastest growing business in the U.S.? Ever heard of the term "Strawman"? If not, you better wake up before they take yours for their profit. 

Ever been to a company and see a big banner hanging up that says: "People are our most valuable asset."? I always have to laugh at that one. When the economy gets really bad, when was the last time you saw all the equipment from any company standing in the unemployment line. So much for valuable assets.

I'll write more of my thoughts later. If you agree with me that's great. If you disagree with me that's also great



LovingGuy LovingGuy
56-60, M
Mar 26, 2007