My Parents Where Involved

I liked that my parents where involved in my schooling. I wish that more parents where. That way their kid would be doing a whole lot better. I did alright in school. I know that I wasn't the best student at times. I wish that I was a much better student. I guess that I got lazy at times. I should have tried harder when I was in school. But at least my parents where there for me.They would help me if I needed help. I knew that I could count on them. Parents these days seem to not even care at all. They just want their kid to skate on by. I think that that shouldn't be happening at all. They are the ones that cause all of the trouble at school. They should be the ones that are healed back. They also need the most help from the teacher. So,parents please get involved with your kids school work. Help them out more.
acjf acjf
22-25, F
Feb 16, 2011