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A Handel Example

George Friederic Handel was a classical composer during the 1700s.

His father wanted him to study law and become a lawyer and tried to keep him away from anything to do with music.

Eventually, the younger Handel won and his visions of becoming a baroque-era composer won over his dad's intentions of him becoming a lawyer.

You have to cause to be thankful that the younger Handel's vision won over if you enjoy any of the following pieces:

- Hornpipe: ( which is a common wedding recessional piece
- The Hallelujah Chorus
- The Hymn Tune Judas Maccabeus, which is most recognizable as the tune of the Easter Hymn "Thine is the Glory" or "Thine Be the Glory"

If Handel's father had won over him, imagine life without these things...

So my recommendation to parents of today is this: try not to get too fixated on what someone can be. As long as it's legal and productive, so be it. That is going to be my approach to career paths not just of children of my own (if I wind up having any) but for any nieces, nephews or anyone else for that matter that my life's path crosses me with.
gmckdude711 gmckdude711 22-25, M Mar 25, 2012

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