"Now I see that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart." -Mulan

That is me. I have always loved the performing arts. I loved being on stage, performing, being the star. Singing, dancing, and acting are big parts of my life, because I express myself through these artistic mediums. But for my parents it was never enough. All my passion and dreams and begging never got through until recently.

My mom's a teacher and so from the time I entered school, it was taken very seriously. I was sort of brainwashed as a child that I needed to get good grades so that I could get a scholarship and go to college and be a doctor or a lawyer or something "respectable". So I took my grades seriously all throughout elementary school and high school, and it paid off. I got a full ride to a nursing school.

But halfway through college, I was miserable. Life was really getting me down, all my personal problems were magnifying and becoming even greater than before. I made the decision to quit nursing school and move back home. Currently, I'm very happy and peaceful with my decision to pursue a theater major and a musical theater minor. My family might be less than happy with it, but I wish they had supported me from the beginning and let me choose my own future. After all, it is MY life to live and I've only got this one.
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I applaud your bravery to stand up for what you believe! Lend me some strength.