Seen And Not Heard

The time's sure have changed and the people with it and I cant say for the better either. When I grew up there was a saying, Children should be seen and not heard. Now that is not meant in a bad way toward's children it's just that we had rule's we knew not to break. We were taught manner's like yes sir and thank you and please, simple respect for our elder's. Today it's huh, what, dude and a host of other thing's.

If mom and dad took us out to eat then we knew what we were in the resturant for, to eat, We also knew that we we not there to run around and play and disrupt other's having their meal. We talked quite so that only the people at our table heard the conversation and we didnot leave a mess that sombody else had to clean up. We did not do that at home and we didnot do it any other place either.

If two adult's were talking then unless it was an emergency we knew better then to interupt. Once again simple respect.

When we were takin into a store we stayed right with mom and dad and we did not touch everything we could get our hand's or we had it slapped. Today I work for a major retail store and it amaze's me what people let their kid's do and I am talking 3 and 4 year old's. They stand there yakking on the cell phone and have no clue where their child is or what their doing. They grab stuff and tear it up and when the parent find's them they just say that a no no and put it back on the shelf. I see kid's 7 & 8 riding around the store on a bike and the parent never say's a word and where ever they stop riding at, that is where the bike sit's. But let somthing happen to that kid and the first word's out of the parent's mouth is SUE !!. Teenager's use the shopping cart's to have race's with and I have seen 16, 17 yearold's pushing their girlfriend around as she sit's in the cart.

Every night the toy department has to be cleaned of stuff that was opened and destroyed, We clean up the silly string all over the place where they had a battle with it or just sprayed it all over the place. They open up food and eat a little bit, mostly candy and instead of the parent paying for it they just take it away and lay it down anywhere they please but for that matter the adult's are worse for this then the children. It's stealing but they could care less and too stupid that the cost is still passed on to them in the price of everything they buy.

You hear some child screaming bloody murder and come running thinking somthing has happened only to find the mother has left the child alone in the cart and is in another isle looking for somthing or running her mouth to sombody. What has gotton into people today ? What ever happened to being a responsible parent ?. What ever happened to common curtesy. ?

It was simple when I grew up, the parent was responsible for their children. The parent's taught their children respect and that there were rule's that the children WOULD go be or know what to expect. If you cant control you kid's then keep them at home and they wont disrupt other people. Better yet if your not ready to be a parent or you dont think you could be a responsible one then do us all a favor and dont have children.
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Thank You for reading and commenting Miss Owlie. Too many kid's today have parent's but are still parentless. We watched a mother at work last night with four children I would say age's 8, 7, 3 and two. The kid's went anywhere they wanted while she did her thing. Customer's AND the manager had to keep rounding them up to keep them safe and out of stuff. When the mother finally came back all she had to say was, I knew where my kid's were. YEA RIGHT !!! I had more respect then to ever think of raising a hand to mom or dad beside's knowing what I would get in return. My Best to you ma'am.

Your up bringing was like mine Robert. Simple rules. I've seen the same behavior at the grocery store too. Kids at my school treat their parents like servants. One slapped his Mom across the face because he didn't want to go home yet. We wouldn't have gotten a sweet, Baby-momma talk on that move! I was nearly hit with a shopping cart as a boy about 7, dashed it all around the isles..came flying around the corner playing..that was his cart to use & Mom had her own. The store Mgr should have seen his moves that were unsafe. I agree with you 100%.

The only time I found those word's to be unhealthy was when I was doing somthing I was not supposed to be doing. My parent's never drilled those word's into us but it was the point. Summer is on it way and if you take a fast look around you will see babie's having babie's with grandparent's being pushed into being parent's all over again because the child either cant or wont take care of their own child, Most kid's run amuck today with little supervision because the parent is to busy doing their own thing. <br />
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Your right in that kid's are kid's and are a bundle of energy and mom and dad made sure we burned it off OUTSIDE. We had chore's and we didnot spend all our time in our room's playing game's or in front of the tv and they knew just where we were at ALL time's. We were taught respect of other's and manner's, again look around and try to find kid's that have that today and you will find only a few. They have no respect for themselve's moreless another. You missed the point here. Too many people have children today with no clue how to be a parent, If you are not ready to be a responsible parent then dont have children because it just hurt's the child. My Best.

too many times i hurd those unhealthy words your to be seen not hurd <br />
we was kids just being kids . some people shouldnt be parents