Things Can Get Bad If Not

so we went to a house before leaving but i stayed in the car. and there were 5 kids i think in the street. no cars there but the  kids were umm running, one was holding a red rope and at first i saw him putting it around him at the neck and then he just put it around one of his brothers .they were laughing but i thought if they continue maybe someone will get hurt. im not sure of their age but one was older and when i saw one kid throwing STONES i told the older we have to stop them..what he did?he hit the other on the head! tsk..they continue then running ,and it was bit i had to go in the house and say one kid is throwing stones ,i didnt say anything else but even that maybe would make the parents go see their kids ? and they didnt even go look at them. i went back at the car. i closed even the windows but i kept looking at them.i didn know what else to do..i did tried to stop them but it was first time i saw kids do things like that .and it makes me wonder .....................some things....

i just think parents should go see their kids..if one of them got hurt then ?.......wouldn they care ?

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Yeah, unfortunately, that's the only way the boys and their parents will learn. If you just yell at them, they won't actually learn anything. They'll just think you're "that mean old lady who lives down the street" and start egging your house on Halloween. You have to let them injure themselves.<br />
The only time I would step in is if they are endangering other people or damagine property. Other people shouldn't have to pay to teach someone else's brat a lesson.

after comments now..hmm i think it was ok i told parents. but also i think we should watch the kids.better be overprotective than letting kids get hurt..ok its play,games but games can get dangerous..

It is scary to see something like this, especially if you're not used to it. But this is just play...and in their minds, it is fun. When someone gets hurt, then it's a different story. But we really cannot expect them to be 'mature' at playing. They realize things as they manifest. It's curiosity at play...<br />
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You're just sweet, Amy...........*hugs*

yeah..i guess.idk age.

Hi amyMA<br />
It is hard to judge without being there. You do not say the age of the boys. I respect your judgement and what you felt and did sounds right to me. Throwing stones at people is dangerous. ropes round necks is also simply dangerous. Good to tell the parents and let them decide as they know them and what is safe for them. <br />
Better to tell the parents than do nothing and se one kid injure another and then people say why did you not tell! Sometimes you just have to do what seems right to you at the time,<br />

heh marji<br />
<br />
bluegeorgia , i ve seen many things but one place that i know someone would care for kids coz they had some problems but umm today idk was just something that made me afraid coz noone was there and....ok..i just felt like that

Man oh man , you would have really freaked out if you had seen my cousins and I playing. lol<br />
Boys play rough. : )

hmm..heh i feel weird after the comments heh..i guess i overeacted? but still i was afraid =/ heh

Sounds like my childhood. Ahh happy memories... <br />
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My parents cared but sometimes I think they were happy to have us outside where they couldn't see what was going on and didn't have to discipline us the whole time! Intervention only required when pride or person seriously hurt...

i dont remember much of what i was doing=/<br />
<br />
but i if i ever b a mom i will be overprotective n idk if thats good after all.........*thoughtful*

Hell, when I was 8 years old, I was arrested for throwing rocks at my 3rd grade teacher. I don't dnow why I did that. I did like her. But I was 50 yards away and never even came close to her. You are not wrong to be concerned, but you didn't know. It is better to watch just in case someone does get hurt. then you move in to help.

i used to do things too but was alone..i guess it was wrong i went to tell them to watch the kids?

idk..i just ok..idk i just didn want them to get hurt

Sweetheart, in this, Marji is right. It is a rough childhood for boys, but that is how they learn to bond as men. I boy who never ingages in this as a child will be lookid apon strangly as an adult. That is just the way it is.

i was afraid. throwing stones and the rope?eh i just think someone should just keep an eye on them..what if they got hurt?thats why..

yeah ..i know..