Paris Is The Most Annoying Lil Retard Ever

paris may be rich....but shes the most annoying weirdest ***** ever!!! if there was one person i could kill and not get in trouble it would be that *****!laugh
there are around 5000,0000,0000,0000 reasons  paris hilton sooooo annoying

  1. he/r voice- she has the most annoying voice ever wen ever she talks it send a shiver down ur back i just wanna punch her in the face and torture her till she speaks properly!
  2. he/r new show- woow her new show my new bff is so annoying it shows hoy desprate and retarded she is most of the pll just go on there 4 fun! and get fame
  3. he/r hair- she thinks shes so pretty and and every1 loves her but thats how stupid she is she cant even do a bow in her hair shes trying to much 2 be like lady ga ga lol
  4. he/r bossyness- she takes granted for her gaurds and fans seeming as there the ones she'll only have
  5. he/r stupidity- she's really really stupid and i think  she needs a tele scope to see think 2 inches away!, wen some1 asked if she can pick up there auto graph paper she kept asking were it was and it was right undeer her ******* plastic  2 mm nose
  6. he/r mind - she thinks she's really popular coz shes nice and good at wot ever she does lol, but  it's just coz she's so annoying and trying to get on tele!

i could go on with this but i have low battery i'll fin of later

dal655 dal655
Aug 11, 2010