Odeur De Paris

With pouting lips and body exposed
you graced every magazine
on the catwalk as a coathanger you posed
the idol of every teen.

Your fall from grace was not a surprise
the rules were not for you
intelligence lost behind glazed eyes
weaknesses? Quite a few.

That chihuahua pooch is an annoying little ****
with worms and hip dysplasia,
undercooked steak will put him in a snit
I call for euthanasia.

Each diamond costs more than the average rent
in your platinum tiara
the sight of it makes my bowels want to vent
like I got giardia.

You’ll be known as a convict forever more
but you don’t seem to care
you’ll go back to being a pricey *****
with big house stories to share.

You’ll tell of rancid meals and toilets filthy
of time off for good behavior
yarns of shanks and drugs and pleading guilty
and that guard’s asparagus flavor.

Bedknobs and broomsticks now mean much more
than just a disney flick
they’ll be used on you with exclamations of amour
the irony is kind of thick.

Will the lessons of life finally be learned
it’s doubtful at this point
so before serving the time so richly earned
go ahead and sneak a joint.

I know it sucks…blame it on Paris.
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Jan 28, 2011