Passion is any powerful or complelling emotion as love or hate. In comparison to wealth which is a great quanity or store of money or valuables......Which is more important to you?

Wealth has its wonderful properties but with wealth, is happiness or contentment next? I suppose it is up to the person to decide that. But for me, no amount of money can do what passion can. Passion is the opportunity to have a strong and extravagant amount of feeling for nearly any emotion. Love, lust, desire, ardor even hate can be a passion. But isnt it the right of ourselves to have the opportunity to feel that strongly about the things we beleive in and the people we love and even those we dont? Wealth can do a lot for ones self but can it give you a zeal or strong feeling for your beliefs. I dont beleive so. It can make the bills easier to pay and perhaps allow us to relax when the bills are due but the gift of passion in our lives applied to so many facets of it is much more fullfilling than what any amount of money is.

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4 Responses Oct 8, 2008

Well thanks for that!! We will see what we can do....

LOL the two of you belong together

Pay the bills on time of course but have some passion in your life dear Eric!!

You tell em girl...can you also tell that to my bill collectors? LoL