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Ryan Falls Apart When Asked How Romney Will Pay For Tax Cuts For The Rich

PoliticusUSA (ABC News)
Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paul Ryan fell apart today when George Stephanopoulos asked the Vice Presidential nominee how Mitt Romney will pay for the $5 trillion in tax cuts for the rich.

Stephanopoulos:.."How do you make the math work without eliminating the big
deductions that middle-class families rely on?"

Ryan: "Well, first of all, that -- those claims have been pretty [much] discredited.
There have been five different studies."

Stephenopoulos..."How have they been discredited?"

Ryan: "That show -- that this -- that this plan works. So the analysis you're
citing wasn't even an analysis of the Romney plan. But here's the point
I am trying to make here, George. We think the secret to economic
growth is lower tax rates for families and successful small businesses
by plugging loopholes."

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goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 4 Responses Sep 9, 2012

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Ha ha! "lower tax rates for families" < Only the rich ones.

I strongly urge everyone to listen to Senator Bernie Sanders speak on the floor of the Senate. Listen to what he is saying and you will know it is true. <br /><x>yer<br />
<br />
I was a "trickle down" economist in my younger years. I believed whole heartily that if we could made sure the top was doing well then it would trickle down to the rest of us. I was a staunch Republican. Less government, less regulation, less taxation... I believed the ultra rich would do well and bring the rest of us along and everyone would do better. I believed their lies. I bought into their system but very little ever trickled down to the middle class. The ultra rich only wanted less government and less regulation so they could take advantage of us, even more.<br />
<br />
We all need to understand the ultra rich care only about the ultra rich. We, the middle class, from their point of view, are simply using up THEIR resources.

This is another Republican who is baffled by facts. When does he face Biden?

October 11, ...on ABC, .moderated by Martha Rassatz.

Anybody who would vote for these clowns (other than the rich, of course) is an idiot.