R.S.D. and Other Medical Problems


Hi There!

Has anyone had R.S.D. and know what it is like to suffer this dehabilitating(sp) disease. Yes, you need medication, lust like you would with ms, cancer or anything similar!

Ms Paula Abdul, I am so glad you came out with you having this horrible situation, no one understands this nasty situation unless they have this or are living with someone who has R.S.D. I have it and I know how horrible it is but I keep going the best I can although I am disabled totally with no insurance which is really bad and I also have other medical problems. If you are an alchoholic I hope you get the help you need because only you can answer that one and I hope that you are not mixing your pain pills with alchohol, you know that is a deadly concauction(sp), just my opinion.  I am totally here for you or anyone else! Big Hugz!

pearlsky pearlsky
51-55, F
Jun 1, 2007