I Hate That Show, But I Could Not Help But Notice, Their Is Somthing Curious About That Woman. (AND THEN I SAW THE TRUTH!!!!!)


Always slouching, moving around like she's itchy, curiouser and curiouser. Got to say, I avoid the show, but my flatmate gets to watch what he wants sometimes...and my stupid country thinks we're interested...I think some are.

Anyone seen Series7:The contenders ? That's a reality show, last one to live wins!


Stop the boat! I've had a religious experience. Talk about amazing amazing coincidences (Double amazing shows just how freaken amazing it is!) Last night, after making this opinion known to the universe...I watched the Dave Letterman show for the first time in years and....WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW There she was!!!! She redeemed herself to Dave Letterman! She is not an alcoholic, as this amazing coincidence shows. It is obviously a message from my invisible dinosaur, reminding me that the dinosaur has my best interests in mind, including moving me to make this correction. She's not an alcoholic at all, no, she's just one of those really annoying people you can’t stand being around for too long. I'm glad I was open to my dinosaur’s wisdom. Never again will I question the dinosaur, I must invade a child-care centre and tell children about my amazing discovery.

Okay. You can start the boat again, where were we going?

smebro smebro
22-25, M
Jul 20, 2007