I Suffer From Rsd As Well ...

To make my point briefly and effectively;


I suffer from the same neurological disorder Ms. Abdul suffers from. It's not discriminatory. It's not something that as a child you grow up saying, "I hope to have RSD some day." It's not something people find any pleasure in whatsoever. Most, to the tune of 88%, commit suicide within the first few years after diagnosis after exhausting all avenues of treatment or end up bedridden and wheelchair bound - completely void of hope.

This woman has had the disease for YEARS and YEARS and I have only had it for 3 years. Initially, I was prescribed medication that would sedate five adult hippos, to the tune of 32 pills daily. It took me 6 mos to realize I could not live that way so I began to wean myself off of everything I could. I'm down to 7 pills per day.

Now here's the key to understanding not only pharmaceuticals, but mixed with the sympathetic nervous system which is uncontrollable with this disease (RSD = Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) as well as any other chemicals whether they are alcohol or dietary aides, vitamins or otherwise. When I miss a dose, I get goofy. If I have so much as two sips of beer or wine (and I MEAN "sips") the alcohol will expedite the release of the dose in my system which will make me goofy. If I don't eat properly with my dosing schedule, I get goofy. Simply to stand up too quickly will cause me to stagger and act goofy.

Your sympathetic nervous system is many things to include (but not limited to - 'wikipedia'): eyesight, audio, balance, breathing, adrenaline, urination, sweating, pupil dilation, etc.

The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is a branch of the autonomic nervous system. It is always active at a basal level (called sympathetic tone) and becomes more active during times of stress. Its actions during the stress response comprise the fight-or-flight response.

These include pupil dilation, increased sweating, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure.

These neurons form reflex arcs that pass through the lower brainstem or medulla oblongata. This explains that when the central nervous system (CNS) is damaged experimentally or by accident above that level, a vegetative life is still possible, whereby cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory functions are adequately regulated.

Two other great websites of RSD basics/info:

www.rsd.org and www.rsdrx.com

Not only do I know via experience, however, I know firsthand that this woman is nothing more than a hardworker who found success for it. My first cousin is BESTfriends with Paula's great friend. My cousin offered to get Ms. Abdul's email so her and I could commiserate, so to speak. I declined. It's a very shameful thing to go through. It's certainly nothing I would be able to deal with in the limelight as she has. She's a heckuva inspiration if ya ask me ... I'm on the 12% side now!

RSD isn't something many people know about. I sure hope this info will shed some light on this subject for you as well as disspell the myth that Ms. Abdul is some kind of addict. 

If anyone has ever taken the kind of medication Ms. Abdul and I have to take on a daily basis just to function, then you understand the confusion, the dizziness, the unbalanced hand eye coordination, the twitchy, jerky movment, the overly emotional state, the EXHAUSED speech (not slurring) etc.  And you also realize there is absolutely NO way you can drink without killing yourself.  Not to mention if you need to take so much as an Ibuprofen you have to be extremely cautious or risk serious consequences that might well land you in the hospital.

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Ms. Abdul was not diagnosed for over 25 years as some one who knows well what CRPS type 2 ( RSD ) is I can understand how she would drink to self medicate. I also know none of us have the same symptoms and try to find something that will help. I was lucky and had a great doctor early and found medications that help me cope. I can only hope now with the correct diagnoses she can get some relief

Very informative. Thank you :-)<br />
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I don't have RSD and I'm not on nearly as much medication as you described above, but there are definitely times when I feel goofy.

That's really awful!

I'm not into celebrity gossip at all so I didn't know all the scuttlebutt. But, thanks for sharing this story, it was very informative.