Paula Abdul One Talented Woman!


Paula is one of the most talented women around.... singer, dancer and quite accomplished for her age.  It really isnt anyones business if she drinks too much.  This is her issue only, should it be that.  Idont understand why people want to focus on this.  She has the most wonderful qualties and is very compassionate, caring and sincere.  She also yes as many mentioned has suffered for years with chronic pain from an accident.  So she could be on pain medications certainly.  It's not our business to judge her.  She brings to life so many great things ....including now her jewelry lines, apparel and perfumes.  I dont think Paula has a mean bone in her body..... and yet everyone is mean to her.  I dont think she deserves any of it and I frankly admire her for all her ambitious work despite her pain, constant criticisms and apparent jealousies.  Give this gorgeous lady a break!  Her talents are to be admired and appreciated. Life already has enough negatives...... Paula is like a shining star!

sweetsuzie sweetsuzie
2 Responses Apr 28, 2009

Very well said sweetsuzie - Paula deserves nothing but total support!

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