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Shoot... 1-2-3- Go

POW POW POW... I wish I had a gun in this case and be allowed shooting them, one by one.  I would shoot them on their freakin knee caps and between their eyes. 
Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr 36-40, F 3 Responses Oct 20, 2010

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Thank you for liking my comment.<br />
The best estimates I've seen are that around 80% of males have done at least the offenses I described, or worse.<br />
There are women who are now terminating males by agreement. The males confess their offense, the woman decides on termination, and then schedules the male for a private session of execution, usually by hanging. The male reports as scheduled, and submits to the process.<br />
This is really happening, and the women are expressing positive feedback about the process, which includes their satisfaction and even pleasure at being able to administer to the males what they have agreed to.<br />
Could you see yourself in this role?

I think you should act on your fantasy.<br />
There are males who know they deserve it and would confess to you and accept being terminated.<br />
I think even minor offenses like looking up a girl's dress and having underage images deserve termination.<br />
Most males have done at least one of these things.<br />
How do you feel about it?<br />
Would you be willing to terminate a male?

Cut it off first and thow it away! Then throw massive rocks their way.