I am soooo surprised that there is not already a group with this title.. Hmm, I think that's kind of sad.


But, anyways... Well, the title sorta speaks for itself.  Anyone who abuses a child should be killed.  And I am not talking death row.  Takes too long.  I am talking about taking them out back, have them dig a hole and shoot them, and have the next sick a*s motherf*cker cover him up, and so on and so forth.  There is no cure for such a thing.  ********** is not a disease that you can fix with therapy.  These people will continue to hurt children until they are stopped.  And usually when they do get caught, all they get is a few years of prison, and considering the crime, I think it is a slap on the wrist.  Think about it, they have ruined these childrens' childhoods.  They will never be able to look upon the world with the innocence that is so wonderful... There is nothing more beautiful or wonderful then a child's view on life. 


So, to these bastards who ruin childhoods, I hope you die a horrible death. 

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I believe in this too I personally would not even hurt a fly but how can these monsters hurt an innocent child? I say burn them alive that is where they probably go anyway after there deceased. The long term damage is irreversible and it is very sad for these poor children.

Although it may sound as a solution it is not , as we could easily expend the circle to include so many groups and I wonder if you were offered the job of doing it , whether actually you would do it ?

I could honestly say I would have absolutely no problem with ending the life of a *********. I would sleep knowing that I saved another child who could have been victimized by one of these sick freaks.

Motivation is important , I would say you can look them inside and the child is still saved and you don't have to go to the extreme of killing someone. Look at China you get killed there for so many things , not much time is spend on, whether you are really guilty or not .

Yea, I don't agree at all. People who are sick like that won't ever recover. They will always have those urges... All a matter of whether or not they can control it. But, thinking about all the children I know, and the children I hope to have one day, no way in hell I would take the chance. **** them. They can't be helped... only stopped. And maybe China takes it a bit far... but as far as excecuting pedophiles, I think it's the best thing, and nothing anyone says would ever change my mind. It's sick, and the world would be a better place without people like that.

I believe you are right,and that these offenders can not be truly cured,and should you or I,have to take the chance of having a ********* moving in nextdoor (especially unbeknownst to us that they are in fact,convicted pedophiles),only to have them reoffend? I think not.How many children should have to suffer,and what of the ones that have already suffered at the hands of these degenerates?They have been robbed of their innocence and a chilhood,that should be the best years of anyone's life.Some argue,that these pedophiles in some cases were victims themselves.I know victims of abuse,and at least some of them learned from it,that the last thing they want is for someone else to suffer the way they did,while others do go on to inflict the same kind of suffering on other people.What confusses me more than this,is that they claim to have a disease that is uncontrolable or that they don't realize what they are doing is wrong,but yet,they know to hide it and cover it up?Hmmm?Interesting.I don't claim to understand the psychology behind it,nor do I care that much to be honest,because,no matter what the cause may be,the effects far out weigh that.I'm sorry that my nextdoor neighbor was abused,and sexually asaulted,but does this mean that I should allow my children to risk being his victim,because I feel sorry for what was done to him?Do two wrongs all of a sudden make a right? I don't think so.One way or another,these people (pedophiles) need to be kept away from the general public,and it's time to protect what we have,and throw away what is permanenetly broken and can't be fixed.I can't believe how harsh that sounds,even to me,but I'm merely thinking of the future victims,that we might be able to help,by getting rid of the cancer that is ********** in the first place.Don't forget the past,learn from it,but don't live in it.If we do,we're merely going to make excuses for repeating our past mistakes,rather than correcting my oppinion.

Wow, we have very similar opinions, I love it!

I don't think pedophiles should be quickly killed and buried, I believe we should scientifically experiment on them...and I don't mean shampoo test subjects I mean dna splicing and such....or maybe we could donate there organs to people.....and we should remove there organs while there awake and no drugs to numb the pain while we're slowly cutting out there organs and they can see there own entrails being pulled out....heak I think they should be put into normal jail....If they were they would be tortured by the other inmates...even killed =D

You are too humane, Bamababe! To just shoot them is too quick No, they should die of slow torture, be made to suffer at length for the atrocities they committed! They do not deserve the humane treatment afforded to animals needing to be destroyed. No, they did what they did with full awareness of what they were doing, with full knowledge of the damage they were going to inflict on the innocent, and that is utterly unforgivable.

Dr Brian Neil Talarico North Bay Has been convicted of child molestation, an possession of child *********** on his computer. Sexually molesting a young boy. He had prior convictions for child molestation in 1990 and 2001. After his parole in 2006. Dr. Talarico Brian Works for north east mental health centre, despite his background, and numerous complaints against him of abuse, fraud, negligence, and imprisonment. Address: North East Mental Health Centre North Bay Campus Highway 11 North North Bay Ontario P1B 8L1, and now works for Act 2, North Bay.

pedophiles, child abusers,rapists, habitual offenders why waste our time and money rehabilitating and/or confining these people when they are destroying lives and hurting people because that is who they are that is who they have chosen to be no matter how much society attempts to dissuade them from their antisocial behavior compassion for these people is at best foolish and enabling immediate execution is the only sane answer let them be judged by God

Once a scumbag always a scumbag

pedophiles should be tortured and impaled

My opinion, I think they should be tortured. There's never any excuse for what they do to children. It is sick, it is sad, it is uncalled for and the laws and punishment do not give any of the children any justice. They have to live with those thoughts for the rest of their lives, and the podophiles only get a little time in jail. That's just f*cked up and no where near justified. I really don't think there is punishment enough for a crime like that.

They not only ruined there childhood, they ruined them for live. It took me 5 years of therapy to overcome the rape of my mother

Pedophiles should die, and there is no therapy for this because its not an illness. If your an adult you should know better. We as adults need to protect children not abuse them. My little cousin was assualted at Waterworld in Denver. The police were called, but since the nasty man did not have is id on him a report was not made. The lifeguards did see the man and their stupid excuse was; they thought my little cousin knew him. Now she is scared for life. I hate that man, I hate pedophiles, I too was a victim at the age of 5; stupid man rapped me, I hope he is dead and burning in hell. Parents keep an eye on youre children dont trust anyone not even relatives. Now that I have kids I prefer to be called over-protective than stupid for not protecting them.<br />