I Don't Get This Fetish!

I cant imagine what's up with this! I can't even stand my pants being wet from a water ride at Six Flags, let alone my own urine!  I know, I know, to each his own................but..........

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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Thats really gross eh??? Some grosser ones are people who love to POOP in their pants and squish it around or do it on each other and then theres the ones who get off by watching girls dressed in sexy clothes while stomping on a small ANIMAL to death with their high heels! And the people GET OFF by that!!! Ive ran into pics by accident and almost saw a video of a woman stepping on a kitten but then when i realized what was going to happen i got off of it!! Gross things people do eh?? :(

I think the whole thing is either a chemical imbalance in the brain or a negative spirit that causes people to partake in fetishes. Yes, it's gross and even some people who do it feel gross after the fact as well as guilty. I believe it's a mental disorder. But consider this, the condition is so incredibly socially unacceptable, people are disturbed by the behavior. Some believe there's no such thing as a "normal person." A murderer murders. Even sicker than a fetish. Some eat raw beef, that's sick to me. Some drink milk straight from a cow! Yuck! The worst part of our existance and the world as a whole, is the lack of understanding thereof. For example, Is Jesus Christ real? If he is, why would anyone beat a christian for believing? A black man will be punish for the color of his skin, who's cause is that? God's? Slow people will be put down because they're slow. A drunk at a bar will beat the snot out of some innocent guy just because of his ego. Could an ego be a disorder? A negative spirit? etc? Human waste being plunged into a persons' clothes (EI pants; undergarments etc) is rebellious toward what's socially acceptable as human beings. It rebels against the nature of human order.<br />
I hope what I had said here could clear up a few things for you all:)

funny and gross to me, however I did it before when I was drunk a long time ago, very embarassing, i wouldnt do it on purpose though, to each his own

Yeah, my experiences have been accidents or alcohol-related, but really, even if it's not for me, I accept that it is for others.

me neither!

Oh silk! :0) It' like the midlife sneeze/cough leakage...........<br />
It sucks! I can't get with it at all LOL

no kidding! i just wrote a story about one experience and there have been others, all accidents. after my niece's wedding and many, many drinks, ihad to go so bad that i couldn't make it inside the house. so i squatted outside to relieve myself but i was so drunk that i fell over and got pee all over my new silk jumpsuit lol. needless to say, i wasn't too happy.

I know but......but..... LOL The odor! I'd be itching to high hell!

i don't get this either. i'm like you, jojo. getting wet from a water ride or even in a rain storm drives me crazy and i can't wait to change my clothes. peeing myself on purpose? i don't think so but to each his own.

i don't get it either, that is some weird stuff. Who would imagine getting wet from a hot liquid to a cold liquid later on, can turn people on. If they were in my movie theater i'd flash a camera at them, call the manager and make them clean it up.