Not For Me

there have been times, as an adult, that i had an accident and was pretty upset and pissed about it, no pun intended. like the time me and a friend had been out drinking and i had to go really bad. i asked he to pull over to the side of the road so i could go but she wouldn't because we were a few blocks from my house. i warned her that i couldn't hold it and she said "yes you can". well she was wrong! she turned the corner and hit a bump in the road and i peed all over the seat of her car! LOL! then she had the nerve to ask me if i was peeing. DUH, when i say i gotta go, that's exactly what i mean! needless to say, as soon as i got home, i ******** and took a hot bath. that feeling of my pants sticking to me was too much. some people may like it but it's not for me.

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pissbitch didn't like this story apparently because she was an advocate of one peeing themselves, but that's too damned bad. and your desc<x>ription of simon was pretty accurate lol.

ewww im new here and ended up on this group! I cant believe what those two said! I mean i missed what pissbitch said but she was already gone but by what you were saying to her i could only imagine *shudder* and simon was just a ******! :S Like you said he was okay at first by the end he was just getting carried away lol. Good job jerrica! :) Like you said to each their own but nothing i would wanna do!!

it doesn't float mine either, allphrasing.

lol, i don't get it either, longrun. i wouldn't be the gal for them. i enjoy staying dry, clean and smelling good too much :)

i know that's right, i appreciate being potty trained too. those two are probbaly off together smoking weed and peeing and pooping themselves, having a good ole time lol.

that simon character has smoked too much dope and pissbitch? with a name like that she can't feel too good about herself lol. once i was potty trained, that's it for me.

ok simonl, joke time is over. at first, i thought it was funny and cute, but now you're just being silly. to continue to update me on your pee parties is immature and a waste of space. and to do so because you know someone doesn't like it could be dangerous,although you're safe because we're on the internet and i have no chance to get to you. so either add some contributions that make sense or stay off my story please.

i just think its funny lol coz i pee my self and u don't like it

skanky is the least of what i could call it or her. like people are gonna be applauding you, praising you for playing with your poop, eating it, rolling around in it like a cat with catnip. some people might think it's cool but i'm not one of them.

"skanky *** behaviour"<br />
<br />
<br />
ROFLMAO!! Go get um' Miss J!

at least i have humor lol goofy kid lol u make me laugh lol and i just peef my self just laughing 2 c wot u say lol

at least you have a good sense of humor, simonl. i may not be down with what you do, buy you're just a big goofy kid to me lol

i've now just peed myself lol

want to make comments then block someone, huh pissbitch? well thats your perogative, i couldn't give a rats ***. if you don't want anybody to comment on your skanky *** behaviour, then quit talking about that rank ****. you certainly have the right screen name. and don't bother to respond to this unless you can be a woman and unblock me, not that i particularly want you to anyway. i don't have **** in common with people like you.

maybe so, but if people don't want others in their business, then maybe they shouldn't put it out here. when we put our business on front street, we're leaving ourselves open for comments good and bad. wouldn't you agree? it's the chance we all take on ep.

it's still not for me, but what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business i guess. why do you think you're too shy to use someone's toilet? if i gotta pee, i'm peeing no matter where i'm at lol

yep, thats rite so i just hold it in till i go home at wet myself, then have a bath, note wrong in my own home but i do have respect 4 public though or some1 elses house

what do you mean by toilet shy? you don't like to ask people to use their bathroom or what?

i rarely soil them only wen i want i mostly pee myself though, lol i do understand, i never do it in public just wen im at home , and 4 your imformation i always be toilet shy as well b4 i started, i never like asking people , but i just do it 2 get more dirtier

see, i don't get your reasoning. i bathe and wash my clothes too but it doesn't occur to me to soil them first. i guess some things aren't meant to be understood lol

na i no how to go toilet but i choose not to coz im washing my clothes and having a bath , so y not pee myself or poop my pants, im washing anyway lol

you may not do those things, but there are others on here who say they do. i don't think i could poop myself on purpose if i tried. to me, it wouldn't be enjoyable at all. i guess my potty training stuck with me.

i don't eat it or play with it i just do it in my pants b4 i bath

i have nothing against smoking weed, i used to smoke plenty of it myself once upon a time. but peeing and pooping yourself deliberately? no i'm not down with that at all. and some people going even further, playing with it and eating it? HELL NO! different strokes and all of that, but i can't get with it. just my opinion, but anyone taking it that far has some problems to me.

u rekon peeing and pooping ur pants is bad but i only do it at home i do far worser thing than that i smoke marijuana, i only pee and poop my pants everyday coz im washing anyway and my clothes r being washed, i wash everyday coz i always make an excuse in my pants 2 wash lol now if ya don't mind im rolling a joint lol

more power to you but i hope you're getting ready to take a shower now.

i just wet myself on purposly lol it felt good lol

i just wet myself on purposly lol it felt good lol

thanks, darkhorse. i must admit that when i have to hold my pee it gives me a tingle in a certain place but, when i release it, it has to be on the toilet lol

good question, rontheneq. i've wondered too what makes us turned on by certain things. all i know is that i don't care to even get caught in the rain, let alone wet myself on purpose.

i've read some of them, eaudoux, but i still don't get it. to each his own but it's not my thing. the times i did have an accident, i found it very irritating. it's not something i could do deliberately.

you're right but when i'm drinking, once i start going, i have to keep going. using the toilet once doesn't cut it. i have to make sure there's a toilet around whereever i am.

With guys, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't want to watch us take a dump! <br />
<br />
ha, ha.... so how much of her genitals did you see while she was squatting and peeing?

From this guy's point of view i wouldn't want to watch a woman take a dump!! But watching her pee that is a different story love to see and hear her do that has allot to do with the squirting thing i guess and wet sex! Not into the pants wetting either!!

i think that explains it too, SG.

Oh come on... of course guys find it erotic... it's hot and wet and comes from our genitals! (Come to think of it, that could explain the whole thing!)

lol. you little voyeur you!

lol. yeah at home would probably be best. marriedguy, at least she wasn't purposely wetting her clothes unless she fell over while squatting like i did once lol

Remind me to only drink with you at home......

lol. i don't get it myself. to have an accident is bad enough. i couldn't do it on purpose. matter of fact, i need to go right now but will i sit here and go in the chair? NO.