Boys Beware

When I was 12 and was at high school we would go to these tree's on top of a hill, someone had pull ropes off the branches and we played there most evenings and at weekend. Most of the girls were older than me and would talk about boys and willys etc. one of the girls said she walked in on her brother and caught him wan-k--g, we all laughed but some of us hadn't got a clue what she was talking about, see loads of penis's at school medicals and a swim practice but thats as far as we knew anything about boys really.One day we were there and her brother and his mate went passed on their bikes, Sharon called her brother to come and see us. They both came and had a swing on the ropes etc. I saw Sharon talking to her close friends and the next thing they jumped on her brother and everyone joined him holding him down. It started with how ticklish he was and general groping went on.tickling him, Sharon said he's got a hard on quick ***** him. Well girls can be naughty and he got ******** naked, his mate ran off with his bike and left him. Well he was in an excited state and this for most of us was the first erection we had seen. Sharon said show the girls what you were doing when I caught you, but no such look he wouldn't, Sharon gave it a bit of a flick with her finger and said she would kick him if he didn't, Sharon said let his arm go so he can play with it, as soon as his arm was free he managed to throw the girls off. he ran naked to the trees. We had his clothes and wouldn't let him have them back. Sharon and her mates went to see him and got him to come and get his clothes, when he came back he had lost his erection, Sharon said he had a **** behind the tree. A few weeks later there were less of use there and the same thing happened, but this time he showed us how boys play with themselves, I have this vivid memory of him going red and closing his eyes as a fountain of stuff jetted out. Good job there were no mobile phones then.because it became a regular thing for a while and girls from another school used to come just in case, he gave a show.
JanetDavies JanetDavies
51-55, F
Jan 7, 2013