Why Do People Act Like That??

I was just reading a social website, ok so this one girl posted a saying and another girl asked if she was ok? thats when it hit the fan, the first girl whom posted, her mother got on and cussed the other little girl completely out..stuff like she was white trash, eats road kill, etc..along with the cussing of being a dumbass, etc.....I am sorry are there not enough kids being bullied by other kids and now the parents jump into it...from what I read its jsut not right, I am seroisly thinking of turning her in, I mean it was pretty bad. I have never turned anyone in, but it may help the life of the other girl anyway. You never know what people do, she may be thinking about suicide...I mean who knows...both the younger girls are 17-18 years old. Its just crazy to go that nuts over nothing..I mean if you do not like someone then please do not tell the whole world what you think of them,,its just crazy...especially on this site, due to your name and info is on there. I just really dislike people who are mean, i mean if you do not like someone or you do not want to talk to them then either tell them in a nice way or do it nicer than most people. I hate to tell everyone but we are all made the same, I mean really how are you different than I am? We may have grown up at different parts of the world, you may be rich, i may be poor, but we was all created equally! lol do not think one man has anything different than any other man, and the same for women...but do ot go through life being someone you are not just to fit in. Its really not worth it, people will love you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be.
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You tell'm wishing for more! I know what you mean that we are not all that different. I find that the biggest event in our lives shows this, we are all born naked. I also would turn them in, which is something I have never done or thought I would do or say to do. However, that being said, you are right it could lead to a suicide, or some other type of violence. Even more so when the mom gets in on the cyber bullying!

thank you that makes me feel better..haha but me and my big mouth brought attention to the mother and she did apologize to the girl. I just told her what she did and it wasnt right! i felt proud of myself..