People Are Mean, And That's A Fact.....

Sadly I'm not a nut job....If I were I would be so out of touch with reality that I could be on some sort of everlasting mental break. I was called a nut job for the very first time in my life today by someone online who doesn't even know me. The reason they came to that conclusion? Well because I said that there is a way to run the country without a president. LOL, obviously they've never read about democracy.

This really shouldn't bother me, but strangley I find myself being sensitive about it. It's a good thing this person doesn't have a job in the mental health profession because all the people that didn't conform to their concepts would be labled a nut job. I wish I could let this go, but I find myself getting fed up with all the negativity in this world. People are so mean here in cyberland.

It often makes me wonder which side is their true nature, the face that smiles at strangers in the street, or the anonymous online person being decidedly cruel...If a person doesn't be that mean in person why do they then believe it's ok to be that mean online? Didn't our parents teach us good manners? Well appearantly some people must have missed that lesson.

It gets even better when christians attack other christians. I was talking online on this celebrity gossip website. They had a picture of a reality star with a tatto, and someone responded with a Bible quote that stated we're not suppose to mark our bodies, or get tattoos. People attacked this guy for it. One person even went so far as to say that the Bible didn't say anything about tattoos. They also told him he should show some modesty, and keep his religion to himself. Instead of offering english lessons by explaining the meaning of modesty I came to the guy's defence by quoting the Bible, and how it does actually mention tattoo's. Then this girl came along saying that yeah the Bible does say that, but that it's not the worse sin ever like I'm saying....I never even said that. I took care of it, but I'm not sure she ever saw my resonse. The point is that girl was claiming to be christian, and basically made up a lie to attack me. It was so weird. I wish I had the patience to actually cut and paste the whole convo, but alas I just hope you understand my point.

If you find yourself wanting to be mean online to the point that you're even making things up just to do so then you need to question your morals. You have no idea how it might effect others. I have honestly teared up a few times today because of that person calling me a nut job. Seriously, what did I ever do to that person specifically? I don't even know them.

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LOL I agree with this and what is to blame? CAPITALISM!

Obviously it may heave helped to add right wing to the title of the group....I was meaning people in general are getting meaner.

true! :( When I'm mean to anyone on YouTube, it's because they were mean to me first either directly or indirectly and deliberately or indeliberately! :)