As A Whole

I don't see much difference between men and women. They're both cruel, sick, sad, kind, and all those things. Why is there so much division between people? I consider myself agender since I don't feel a part of my culture's ideas of gender roles. I don't feel male or female. I told my friend that I have hard time telling whether I'm dreaming or not sometimes. She says, "Maybe you're somewhere in-between."
I've notice in my life I am in between a lot of things.
Point is I see people as a whole as ok. When I add up all the negative and positive things they represent, do, they're ok. People could be a lot kinder and a lot more descent, but they're not. I don't desire to hurt people most of the time. Sometimes when I'm frustrated or angry I have self destructive tendencies. I sigh to myself, "I hate people," or "people are disgusting." I say this and don't mean it. Just trying to let some bad energy out of my mouth.
I don't really hate people even when I've been hurt or whatever.
I guess a lot of the time I don't care about people. Other times I want to bond but I sense a barrier between me and the others.
I don't believe I'm gay, straight,or bisexual. I don't feel especially drawn to any of the genders in my culture.
I don't know how there will be gender equality unless people see the world as a group a people and nothing else. I wish people would recognize that both men and women are capable of much more than this, this mediocre, redundant, plain, uninspired life.
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22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012