I Believe People Are Puppets.

I believe people are puppets. Controlled by God, to amuse me on earth, this hell. They are also here for me to play with, to love, to hate, to have experiences with, to teach me something, to make sure that I don't do anything 'bad' so I won't go to hell again? maybe's this is hell and I'm paying for it now? I see people everywhere, and... when I see them, i feel nothing, i feel empty. I feel that... they are puppets. And when I go, they are gone too. They stop. But they make up stories. I feel as if...... I'm the only one that realizes that they are puppets, and I am the only one that isn't a puppet. It feels bad.
tomoyoyea tomoyoyea
2 Responses Nov 1, 2011

LOL I love that experience! :D

About 3 years late, but I think you believe in solipsism. But I partially agree. People are here to be players in a game, like the computer-generated players in Single mode. I use the people as tools provided, benefit myself to higher ground, then their services are no longer necessary. They get upset, cry, hate me, etc. But there tears or Facebook posts leave me feeling no remorse; I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that I don't care.