People With Paper Towels, Et Al

I laugh real hard when guys try to open a bathroom door with a paper towel after washing their hands, and then try to throw it into the garbage before the door swings shut. They always miss.
My friend's mom is paranoid she'll get lung cancer 'cause on Thanksgiving there was a minor kitchen fire, and now she inhaled the smoke. OH NO! CANCER! I'M GONNA DIE!
Some shopper at my work finally told me not to touch his parcel because, he said, "I'm mentally ill." I didn't hear his whisper. "I'M MENTALLY ILL", he yelled. Well, I was trying to ship his little box, and he kept stopping me from touching here, or there. I just wanted to retort: YEAH, AND I'M NOT CO-DEPENDANT, SO LET'S GO, BUDDY!
The idea of killing the germs off your hand is dumb, 'cause it don't matter if they're dead after they wash off you. In fact, anti-germ soaps make germs turn in to SUPER BUGS!
The Catholics have a word for this: "over-scrupulosity." God doesn't want you to stress out trying to be so perfect...
Why do people actually complain that there's no soap in state park bathrooms? Hello! People go to these to try to ROUGH IT!
I've seen ministers shake a million hands after a service, and I never heard of them dying off 'cause they got a hideous disease from a church member...
Do Asian drivers use long white cloth gloves while driving to stay clean, or, is it to avoid sunburn? What about the habit of paper masks? They look like carriers of a plague, when it's only a FLU! Just don't don't sneeze on me, folks! No need for a creepy mask.

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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I agree with you, some people tend to be so germ-phobic when our own natural bodies contain so many germs. As you stated, it's so much easier just to go about life and just avoid the sick people, other than that everything else is just whatever.