You Are a Minority

I don't get it. Why, in our culture, are minorities so coddled? By this I refer to every minority ranging from a minority as small as you--the individual you happen to be uniquely--and as large as the entire group of Jews residing in America.

I recently read a news article how a high school production of Grease had to be revised (removing or editing dialogue which was sexually explicit or suggestive as well as removing cigarettes and smoking references) because a single student wrote the principal and complained that the play wasn't appropriate.

Then there's the various groups who write the FCC complaining about the content of TV shows; or other groups who complain to the movie studios or even bring litigation against them for perceived insult or slander against their beliefs. Remember the groups who crusaded against the turd of a film known as The Da Vinci Code? or the groups that crusaded against The Passion of the Christ? The Passion was a genuinely great film; The Da Vinci Code was not.

Primarily I'm pissed that people are so damn politically correct when it comes to artistic expression: paintings, movies, books, plays, music. Sure, there are paintings, books, music, and movies that I really don't want to see because of their content. The great thing about living in America is that I don't have to see anything I don't want to. If, however, I watch a show or read a book or view a painting or listen to a song which I do not like (or even find abhorrent), that's my fault. I should not feel justified in complaining to the FCC; I should not bring litigation; I should not blame the creators in any way shape or form for their creation of an artistic work which *I* chose to view, listen to, or what-have-you.

Our culture has become entirely too litigious; entirely too victim-oriented. Rather than taking responsibility for ourselves, we look to slough responsibility off on others--even if we are the minority.

I'm sorry; I may not agree with Ku Klux Klan beliefs, or even approve of movie, play or music they may make about their beliefs. Hell, frankly I think their beliefs are hideous and evil. But, I still acknowledge that they have a right to create whatever they want (as long as it doesn't invade anyone's life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness). As evil as their art may seem to me to be, they have a right to create it and express it. If they force me to listen to it or view it, only then do I have a problem with it.

In our culture today, we expect that any artistic expression cater to the lowest common denominator. If a single individual finds our create expression inappropriate or unappealing to them, then we can be fined, sued, or find our creative works pulled from shelves, theaters, and airwaves. This is complete hogwash.

You decide what you watch, and YOU don't have to watch or listen to or read anything which seems questionable to you. If YOU do decide to watch or listen or read something which seems questionable to you then you should take responsibility for doing so, and not blame the artists for being true to their craft.

The first example I gave featuring the high school production of Grease: the student who complained should never have complained. If he found the material inappropriate then he should've left the production. If others chose to stay and watch the production then that is their perogative and responsibility. It isn't his prerogative to ensure that theater productions at that school are appropriate for someone as prudish as he is.

In the second example, groups shouldn't force their morals on others who may have drastically different morals. If you don't like something, don't see it. Don't force your version of morality on others.

Interestingly enough, I am somewhat prudish myself. I dislike much of the Top 40 radio today because I find it revoltingly material. Everything is bling-bling this, and my Rolls this, and my 'ho's that. It's revolting. What do I do? I simply don't listen to that garbage. I listen to other music instead.

As a person I'm also fairly hyper-sensitive. I don't take criticism well, and I'm always the first in the room to sense tension, unhappiness, anger, or distress. Worse, I find the effects amplified in me. If someone else is sad, it makes me sad; if someone else is happy, it makes me happy. I'm a sponge for emotional stuff.

I'd like to start a media conglomerate (private) with some name like "Unrated" or "Rebellion Media" or something. My conglomerate would be extremely fiesty and extremely blatant; you don't like what we release, don't see/listen to/or read it. Our responsibility as creative people is to release what is creatively most authentic and important to us, you don't have to see/read/or listen to it. But don't sue us or complain to us because we don't care. We will not alter our products to cater to minority opinion.

Another example that I think is pretty stupid: Kramer's outburst at the black men in his audience. He had to publicly apologize for his "racist" remarks. What doesn't make sense to me is that everyone glosses over the fact that he was 1)in the middle of his set, and 2)he was being unmercifully heckled by the black gentlemen. Worse, he's called to task for his comments, while the hecklers are considered victims. Um, hello(!), they heckled HIM. I'm not claiming that his remarks and outburst were appropriate. They were pretty, um, distasteful to me. However, he IS a comedian, and a large part of their job is to be practiced at speaking the most off-color version of their perspective on any particular topic as they can. That's what being funny is all about--shock value. So here we have a case were one person's words are well known, but the opposing words which may have been equally as biting are glossed over or not known. Maybe the hecklers were saying equally mean things about/to him. How could they expect to be treated any better than they treated Kramer? Even if Kramer's remarks were straight-up inappropriate, I still don't think a public apology is necessary. He is a comedian, a person, a human--a normal, flawed human--who made a mistake. Forget about it and move on. Why are we a culture these days who so readily lambasts each other for being human and making mistakes? I've met a lot of people who would've said far worse things to those two black men then Kramer did. Even though I'm tolerant and good-natured, I've come to recognize that not everyone is like that.

The retarded thing about the politically correct movement is that it seeks to create an environment of equality and peace, yet (I can't quote any specific studies or figures here, but I HAVE read something to this effect) studies have show than politically correct stuff tends to have the opposite effect.

Chew on that before you give Kramer too much crap. Oh, and do everyone a favor and if you see/read/or hear something you don't think is appropriate don't go forcing your opinions/morals on others. Just don't see/read/or listen to whatever it is yourself. Everyone has responsibility for themselves, even you.
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I also agree. The fact that they censor Looney Tunes cartoons sort of says it all.I do think there are weak minded people in this world though that need some sort of help in avoiding falling in with hate groups. I just don't know how you ever do that without stomping on everyone else's rights as has been happening for so long now.

It seems you have left nothing to be said here. I agree.

i loved your story, and it enumerates so many of the things i'm frustrated with in today's world!! people really do need to stop being so sensitive. <br />
<br />
the one thing that made me laugh in this story was your use of the word "retarded." this is a perfect example of people being way too sensitive, i think. many people would take offense to that, saying that it's somehow offensive to disabled people. however, the dictionary definition of "retarded" has nothing to do with being disabled!! it merely means slowed down, inhibited, or somehow ineffective. the very people that would take offense to the word retarded are the people who attached its meaning to disabled people in the first place!! i think you've made a very good point with that word without even meaning to, along with the innumerable amount of good points in the rest of the story. thanks for sharing this!

Tell me about i am so sick of people having nothing better to do then complaning about this and that on tv. Frankly i think its hilarious.

I bow to the common sense in your statement. I live in the uk and its just pathetic the level that the gonventment will go to wrap minorities in cotton wool.

Hear, hear! I could not have put it better myself!

Alaskahead, I actually agree that we should all put forward an effort to put ourselves in other people's shoes. We should try to think outside our little boxes and appreciate each person for the unique individual they are. My point is that it shouldn't be legislated; nor should it become a thing where everyone points fingers at everyone else every time they slip up (as everyone does). Individually we can all use improvement. Hell, I'm a redhead and I've been told that all redheads look alike by a black man. <br />
<br />
Perhaps the truth is that we all need to stop being so darn sensitive. Yes, if various demographical information offers different legal protection, opportunity, etc. then I suppose I can see why it's necessary to protect the specifics of who and what people are--even in casual conversation. Like a brand, or trademark. See, I know that their are Inuit, Eskimos, etc...but I might use the shorthand of Eskimos in common conversation, not as a slight, but simply as a faster way of referring to a group. <br />
<br />
So there's a dual need: people need to stop being so sensitive, and at the same time they need to start being a little more thoughtful--voluntarily. <br />
<br />
Then again, I do tend to feel that in the U.S. minorites are granted disproportionate power--contrary to the guiding principles of the constitution.

Kudos to your majestic speech!! I believe in country laymens' terms: perhaps it is NOT SO BAD to be Politically Un-Correct??!!