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Politcal correctness is codified lying predicated on the notion that if you call a pig a swan often enough it will become a swan.  The worst of it is that by patronizing the groups it is intended to help it holds them to a lower standard thereby infantilizing them and perpetuating their sub-par performance.
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Precisely - after the fact Band Aids that enable us to feel better about ourselves and accomplish nothing.

But that's the problem with affirmative action, isn't it? A laudible idea but one that is usually put into practice badly according to the "traditional model" - cheap, band-aid fixes instead of investing in making the playing field level from the very start. "No Child Left Behind" was a disaster - it will be interesting to see how president-elect Obama can do it better.

"Affirmative action" is a dangerous, loaded term subject to misinterpretation. If by "affirmative action" you mean leveling the playing field then I am all for it. If by affirmative action you mean sending unqualified black kids to Harvard on scholarships so they can fail yet again and become even more discouraged - (the traditional model) - I oppose it. Put the money where it will do the most good, making sure all primary and secondary schools are equally good. Level the playing field.

So based on this opinion, what do you think of affirmative action?

Maybe I should unblock him. I called his post "boring" and he acted like he'd stuck a fork in an electrical outlet.<br />
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You are obviously a lovely person - and a mom - and there is no higher calling in life than to be a mom.

Whacko befriended me. You stunned him, el. I feel like a motherhen, the chick hiding from the fox in her feathers.

You're speaking rationally to a man who describes himself as "Whacko."

Wacko, if you like to share information, its probably much better if you just provide a quick link and leave it up to the reader to choose to go there or not. Just dumping all this irrelevant info into someone else's space looks like littering and that's offensive. Just sayin.

Depends on the legs.

I think of EP as a giant, virtual cocktail party where people mingle, get to know each other, and discuss this and that. It's good to keep it light, out of respect for the host and hostess. You can mention hot topics like religion, politics, and love affairs with farm animals, so long as you know where to to draw the line. Standing in the punch bowl, beating a drum, and screaming at the top your lungs is considered crossing the line.

Whacko, while you may bore me, I never bore myself, so don't waste a moment being concerned about my condition. However, it would seem you have also bored Celainn, and that, my dear friend, is unforgivable.

Whacko: Thank you for reading my posts. Have a great day.

Wow, this is unbelievably boring! Cutting and pasting articles into your posts - good grief. If you want to make a point, make a point, don't subject me to a diatribe from the online edition of Mother Jones.

Even in the tiny sub-set of the world known as EP it is frequently bashed. So much easier to play dress up and make believe than actually roll up one's sleeves and shovel coal.

Wait a minute...this is logical thinking...I don't know if the world is gonna be able to handle this!

Indeed - instead of lowering the bar in order to make it possible for unqualified people to enter - schools, jobs, whatever - I'd much rather see the money put into programs that started earlier so these same folks had a fighting chance to actually be qualified.

Interestingly enough, Malcolm X was a very strong proponent of this point of view.

Right. If a group wants to change how it's seen, it has to change how it acts. Coddling only makes things worse.

Well said.