Definitely. ...

Definitely. It lost the way when things like personhole covers came along.
Wolfechu Wolfechu
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4 Responses Aug 22, 2007

Also, I think that Ladies' Man and People Person are two totally different things... but whatever floats your boat... er I mean whatever buoys your watercraft... cause generalizing boats with ships, carriers, kayaks, inner tubes and catamarans is just wrong.

.....SEX-WORKERS???? Do they really deserve such rights that they've been politically corrected? That's freaking dumb. And things like "sanitation engineers"- they're GARBAGEMEN. They don't engineer sanitation, they take your trash to the dumps. I don't know what kind of idiot campaigned for that renaming. Also, renaming things just because the former name has implications for some people- like "receptionist" instead of "secretary" or "flight attendant" instead of "stewardess" or "steward"- what's the point? Renaming the occupation isn't going to gain it more respect than it already has. And people should show equal respect to these jobs regardless of their names.

And of course, a lady's man became a person's person. If George Carlin had a grave, he'd be spinning in it.

Midgets became "vertically challenged." Hoes became "sex-workers." But the worst was when we had to start referring to lawyers as "ethically impaired human beings."