There Is No Question That I Make Judgements

I think it is a necessary part of life. It's our survival mechanism and it's our way of decision making so that we decide what is right for us. Where Quickly judging becomes wrong, is what you do when you make that judgement of others. Do you tell them that they are wrong? Do you not let them explain their circumstance? Do you not believe their circumstance? Do you believe just because they are ______, then they must be _______ ? (fill in the blanks)

Making judgements are absolutely necessary before you can move forward in a direction that suits you, and I believe this is a good way to move forward. Making a judgement that stops you from moving forward, limiting your self and others who have come into your life from learning more, is a negative judgement and does no one any good. And should be avoided at all cost.
JoanieNewHampshire JoanieNewHampshire
61-65, T
Apr 3, 2012