Girls Can Be Mean

         I think that girls can be man. They like to back stabe people. Then act like nothing has happened at all. I know what that can be like. I have seen it happen. Its not pretty at all. They are the tipes that don't care about anyone but them selfs. Kids can also be mean. They like to tease others. I have been teased my self. Many of  times while I was growing up. I still get people that judge me just ny the way that I  look. That can hurt as well.
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Girls can be very mean. If they are mean to you, its their loss. They are just ignorant. <br />
Some girls are nice, but others are just plain jerks.

There Only mean because They like ya and want you to come at them and there are really some nice girls out There there just spunky