I Know They Don't

I think the reason for people not liking me is that I'm really honest. People seem to not like that.

They also seem to think that I'm a bit... easy. Yes, I admit that I like to get guys really drunk and sleep with them. But that's mostly because I can't bare the thought of even kissing a boy knowing that he would react to me missing a leg. I just hate that first conversation about it with a new person so much. When they're drunk, they don't care.

I have noothing to say when it comes to the sex part. I guess I just like it. But I don't think that's a good enough reason to not like me.

God, I'm glad I've finished high school. It feels good not having to hear everyones bullshit anymore.High school students are the meanest people I've ever met.
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Yeah people tend to not like blunt people. Our society tends to promote tact and "If you can't say something nice don't say anything"...yeah...screw it! Some people need to hear the truth and they need to learn to grow a thicker skin. The dose of honesty you give them is good for them in the long run. Plus what I like about honest people is I know you are not going to be two faced. Whatever you have to say about me you'll say it to my face. Honest people are actually the best friends to have. As for the sex thing...so you like sex. So do most healthy living organisms and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Go ahead and have your fun!

a lot of girls are like you and just get drunk and sleep around they usually do it because they want to be loved and your a pretty girl your love will find you! have hope <3 xo

Dear Jaiden, premarital sex and all forms of sinful indulgence would damn one's soul eventually.<br />
why not confess and forsake them and turn a new leaf of Life by accepting Jesus christ as lord and Personal savior today

"I like to get guys drunk and sleep with them" - I love it! That's the best quote I've seen on EP yet. I can see what you mean about being honest XD <br />
<br />
You don't look like you'd need to get guys drunk first.