I Don't Think I'm Paranoid

I really believe people generally don't like me, not that I don't understand why sometimes. I can be easily annoyed, and I too often tell people exactly what I think of them. But it seems to me that even people I hardly know tend to give me vibes of dislike, especially other girls. I'm so tired of trying to be nice to people who decide to pretend they don't know me outside of class. when walking down the street, I am constantly ignored when I do say hello to people I've known for a while. Some people really do seem to dislike me from the very beginning when it's not possible that I've said or done anything to make them not like me. I don't know what it is...Sometimes it doesn't bug me much, but other times it does. I just wish more people would give me a chance to show my true colors to them. I really can be a great friend...
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4 Responses Mar 25, 2011

You're very welcome. I'm glad I can help you and others see that we're not alone in this. That's a good attitude to have! I usually am good at shrugging it off, it's just that sometimes it builds up on me and makes me frustrated. Hope you're okay too, and this is a good place to rant whenever someone treats you nasty.

its good to know i'm not alone in this. being rejected by society is degrading i am sick of it. i dont care what people think about me as a rule i usually take the if you dont like me then **** off attitude but sometimes i just wanna knw wat i've done. hope u all ok thanks for posting on here and making me feel a bit better x

Very wise words. You're definitely right. I'm sorry to hear people treat you the same way, but I think it very well could be jealousy. The ones that matter care though, just like you said :)

Thank you very much, I appreciate that. It does make me feel better :)