I am very shy and akward around people i don't know. I think they think i am being rude or i don't like them or that i am stuck up. also i have a different sort of morality i guess you would say, it's more based on being kind and not hurting other people while at the same time trying to live my life to the fullest and some people like to get on their judeo-christian high horse and tell me how to live my life and i don't listen so that may be another thing, it just really hurts my feelings when people sit around and exclude me from things and talk ****, because i don't do that to other people. Also it makes me feel like a little kid again, powerless and being treated like **** by everyone i encounter.
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well sometimes you need to stand and face them in order to make yourself strongest and nothing is impossible to answer or face....everyone has its own solutions....

Btw the picture you have as your profile picture used to be a wallpaper on my phone ages ago. Oh coincidence! :)

oh god i so understand you. Im often very shy around people i dont know too. I always thought that people understod that im just being shy and was quite embarrassed about that but then i found out that many people thought im being rude arrogant and very up myself. That was a real schock couse i didnt know i come across like that....<br />
And i seem to have the same problem with the people telling me what i dont live my life how i should too. Oh well it their problem. Im glad im not like them.