Why Don't People Like Me?

In a school of hundreds of students, i have no friends. My class is small, and everybody, know everybody, and everybody is friend with everybody, on school. I mean we say hi, and sometimes talk, but outside school no one invities me to parties, or to hang out or to do something, anything. Maybe it's because i am ugly? Maby because i come from a nother country, and that i have visible hair on my arms and on my upperlip. Or that i am a muslim.. I am not a strong muslim, i drink, and i don't use hijab. But still...

I am 17 years old, and still I have never had a boyfriend. I have never had someone flirting with me, or showing any interest in me from the oposite sex.

Girls say hi, and pretend their my friends, but outside school, I don't think they know I exist. There is this one girls who is always nice to me, but i thinks she is just being nice, because even she don't hang with me outside school. Sometimes they say hi, and are friends with me, and sometimes they don't even look at me. I try so hard to be like them, but nothing works. fml

I think I have pretty good selfconfidence. There is alot of good things i can say about me and my body. I like my hair, my eyebrows, lips, nails, I am thin, but not too thin. If only other people could see the good things too, and not only the bad things.

But still what's wrongs with me. Why are some people pretty or smart, and others ugly and stupid.
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18-21, F
2 Responses May 18, 2012

High school is hard. I felt the same way when I was there. It will pass, and you will find yourself. Keep faith in yourself, be smart and confident. If there is a person you want to be friends with, try talking to them. A lot of times, people are just as hesitant to start a friendship. There is nothing wrong with you, everyone has a beauty to find and develop. Find yours and remember that you are very young, you have your whole life ahead of you and the world is a very big place teeming with many different types of people.

I think people can be two faced. That's not to say all people are though. I think some it must also have to do with the fact that people are sometimes scared of what they don't understand. Be yourself and those who see you will know you're being yourself, and they will want to be your friend. *Hug* you can add me to your circle if you want. :-)