I Know Why.

It's because I tell it like it is and not what they want to hear. And I guess that's too bad, so sad. There are others who do like me and that's because they like honest people and not wanna-be bu!!$#!+ artists. Lately it seems that this site has become really negative i.e. suicide,stupid questions about bodily functions. Stupid questions about sex (even animals don't need a play by play.), faux-friends that aren't friends at all and other assorted fabricated Bu!!****. I do want to thank you all, though. It's certainly pointing me in the right direction at this period in time. Way to go. **** you, too.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

I live in a place where everyone has to say and think the same things. I've been cast aside for this reason. Some days i follow the flow just to feel normal, but the truth is i call it as i see it and usually in a very sarcastic ways. Its like, i dont like to make BS conversations where people talk about nothing, laugh about **** that isnt funny, and usually use way too many cliches. lately, its gotten me in trouble to the point where i dont even want to go out at night, or even meet with family or friends. Somedays, i feel i need to downgrade my IQ and knowledge of the world just to fit in and not be "weird". Im also divorced, so double trouble...yey. its like walking around with a sign that says "sinner" and i live in a catholic country. I guess i vent because i get judged on so many levels and I dont treat people that way. i dont think its fair, but it is what it is. Also, i read into body language so i can tell when people feel akward around me. i dont need sympathy or empathy, but it would be nice to not be approached with any type of preemptive judgment. Anyways, good stuff and good luck! tolerance and common sense are hard to find these days...as well as honesty.

Well I can tell I like you already! Also...welcome to my world, blunt truth, some just don't like that.